Better `Theology of Sex' could reduce abortions
    May 24 2010 by Adelle Banks

    (RNS) -- National Association of Evangelicals on May 20 launched an initiative to reduce abortions by promoting a "Theology of Sex" for churches and pledging to find common ground with opponents on abortion.

    "There's a sense that, whatever our laws are, abortion is a problem because of the underlying issues of how we treat sex," said Galen Carey, director of government affairs for the Washington-based umbrella organization.

    NAE leaders have concluded that churches are not doing a "good job"
    of teaching about sex and marriage and should better address the high percentage of cohabiting unmarried young adults, including many evangelicals.

    "Addressing that subject will do a lot, we think, to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies and the number of abortions," Carey said.

    A Gallup poll commissioned by the NAE found that 90 percent of evangelicals consider "hormonal contraceptives" to be morally acceptable, and three-quarters consider abortion and unmarried sex to be morally wrong. Less than a third -- 30 percent -- think national religious leaders are doing a good or very good job at addressing the issue of abortion.

    NAE officials have planned nationwide forums to promote dialogue about abortion reduction. Carey hopes they will include academics, counselors, teachers and representatives of pregnancy resource centers.

    "These conversations should build on our shared concerns for human dignity, protecting children and promoting healthy families and communities," the NAE said in a resolution.

    Its new 24-page "Theology of Sex" booklet declares "Yes, sex is good!" within the context of heterosexual marriage and says that "God is forming a new life in his image" in both planned and unplanned pregnancies.

    "Sex is a responsible act only in a relationship in which the couple is willing to care for any children that can come from that union," it states.

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Dr. James Willingham
Having served as a pastor for 28 years in four churches in two states, as a counselor for 3 years in a senior high school, an instructor in American History for two years in a state college, and as a social worker for 3 years in two state welfare depts, I have observed the sexual deterioration of our society with grief. A great deal of the sexual misconduct which leads to unwanted pregnancies and the escape from responsibility by abortion is the result of a society having been sexualized, that is, people at all levels are exposed to sexual stimuli, much of it subliminal, aimed at selling products by way of appeals to unrealized base desires. Vance Packard's the Hidden Persuaders and Dr. Donald Key's The Clam Plate Orgy leave no doubt about the fact that advertisers use such means in order to hawk their wares. One case in particular involved a liquor ad, a whiskey glass with some ice cubes but no liquor. For five years that was the best selling ad for that brand of whiskey. Dr. Key put the picture of the glass under a microscope and found in the ice cubes the floating, wild figures that a man sees in delirium tremens. The title of the book by Dr. Key pointed to why place mats in a restaurant chain sold clams to people who did not even like clams.

During my last pastorate, an elderly gentleman told me that his teacher in grade school (I think it was about the 8th grade) told her students about subliminal ads. Her father owned the local newspaper, so she as in position to have some knowledge of the matter. What is interesting about the matter is that this occurred about a year or two before I was born. That means people even among the general populace were being made aware of this evil. Actually, such advertising techniques, according to information I have seen on the internet, were developed back in first two or three decades of the 20th century. There are even textbooks that have been written and are taught to advertisig art illustrators telling how to put the subliminal materials in the ads. A boy in my pastorate attended a noted art school in another state, and he told me about his psychology textbook which supplied the information for inserting the subliminal cues in the ads. He even told how the death wish was appealed to by hiding the word "death" in an advetisement for cigarettes. I have checked out some of this information by watching ads for visual cues of a subliminal nature. I once saw an ad for an alcoholic drink during a televised basketball game which, if one knew where to look and for what, clearly displayed appeals to the most prurient interests, the most base desires of the subconscious mind, and the ad was aimed at the college aged person or perhaps even younger. Could such an atmospheric barrage in all of the media explain why our society is suffering from the throes of sexual degradation and drug and alcohol addictions on a scale never before seen in history? And why is it that nothing has been done to address the reality of a social order with no jobs, one that was rapidly becoming so evident that people were writing papers on the subject two decades ago? Why were no preparations made for such eventuality? But that is another subject. For now let us consider and pray for mercy and grace for our devestated social order, lest it be the harbinger of our nation's complete collapse. Only a great awakening attended with all of the positive aspects for transformation and equity can lead to a turn for the better, a turn that we desperately need.
5/25/2010 10:01:54 PM

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