Camp Cale director takes own life
    May 25 2010 by Norman Jameson, BR Editor

    Camp Cale Director Steve Carter, on administrative leave pending resolution of sexual misconduct charges, was found dead in his parked truck on land he owns in Virginia Beach, Va., at 10 p.m. May 24. He was 51.

    Margie Hobbs, public information officer with the Virginia Beach Police Department, said the wooded property on which Carter was found in the 4800 block of Blackwater Road is listed in his name.

    Initial reports said Carter committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. His body is being examined at a local hospital, but no foul play is suspected.

    Carter was first charged in July 2009 with taking indecent liberties with a child and first degree sex offense involving a child under the age of 13. Additional charges involving two other children were added in November. Charges were pending and no court date was imminent.

    He was on administrative leave from Chowan Baptist Association, which operates Camp Cale. He had directed Camp Cale since February 2002. His indictment restricted him from the camp property.

    His wife Gracie and children lived in the director’s house onsite. Gracie Carter is part-time assistant director of the camp, which is enrolling students for summer camp weeks. On Sunday before his death, Carter had attended church where graduating high school seniors were recognized, including his son.


    5/25/2010 9:21:00 AM by Norman Jameson, BR Editor | with 6 comments

Seth Pryor
Steve was a close friend to me and my family, I have just now started looking into his death 7 years later because I always remember Steve as a mentor and now that I am old enough to investigate, I choose to believe that he is innocent, and I will do my best to prove it.
9/23/2017 1:10:48 PM

Gene Scarborough
[b]Question:[/b] Did Steve's suicide prove he was guilty----or does it simply indicate a man under tremendous pressure finds an audience with God preferable to the continued inuendoes of man?

It is entirely possible we are all gilty of making an innocent man a scape goat!!!'

[b]You make the call.[/b] It is beyond me to pass any judgment.
5/27/2010 10:19:52 PM

PAT Ruckle
A sobering reminder that none of us can truly know what's in another's heart. God alone sees the heart. I am very saddened by this event. I'm glad I knew him, he had often been a source of inspiration & encouragement. I know only Holy Spirit can comfort this family until they see Steve once again in eternity.
5/26/2010 9:22:19 PM

Rick Lawrenson
I pastor a church in the Chowan Association and have known Steve since he came to direct our camp. He was my friend. So I really don't know what to think. However, I am deeply saddened by the fact that he felt so hopeless that he took his own life.

My prayers are especially with Gracye and their two children during this time of sorrow.
5/26/2010 10:10:12 AM

Brent Hobbs
This is a sad story in so many ways. Let's remember to pray for his family and anyone who's been affected through all of this.
5/25/2010 11:45:39 PM

Gene Scarborough
[b]A tragic ending to an uncertain story.[/b] Lest we judge prematurely, let us ask God's comfort to come to Steve's family which is left with a sorrow words cannot describe. May grace and peace find their way in days to come.

[b]For those who would judge or speculate[/b], it would be wiser to leave it to God who knows the heart.

I pray also for the families whose case will never be heard in court. May they also go on with life in the hope that love and peace comes with the healing of time. If he was guilty of the charges, no amount of punishment in this world will change things. Only time and love, I pray, will restore any injured children to a state of healing and understanding.

[b]For all of us who wonder without answers:[/b] Remember the words of Jesus that anyone who harms a child (physical or spiritual) would be better off to have a mill stone tied to his neck and be cast into the sea.

[b]Lest we speculate about Steve[/b], let us look at the stick in our own eye before focusing on the speck of sawdust in a brother's eye. Should he have been found guilty, he is but one of many others who await the millstone when they face God, but they are still hiding out--and trusted far beyond what they deserve.
5/25/2010 8:14:35 PM

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