N.C. makes top 5 on ‘smuttiest cities’ list
    May 21 2012 by BR Staff

    Two of North Carolina’s largest cities – Charlotte and Raleigh – were among the top five on a Men’s Health magazine study entitled “Smuttiest cities in America.” The list – which ranked Orlando at the top – was published in the magazine’s April issue.
    The magazine formed the list by researching which cities had the most online porn downloads, porn DVD sales, adult entertainment stores, subscriptions to Cinemax – which features soft-core porn – and porn-related Google searches. Some other city studies that Men’s Health has featured in past issues include: “saddest cities,” “drunkest cities,” “fattest cities” and cities with the “most dangerous drivers.”
    Other N.C. cities mentioned on the April list included Durham, which ranked 22; and Greensboro, 44. Winston-Salem came in near the bottom with the least “smuttiest” cities at 98. While celebrating at the May 8 marriage amendment victory rally in Raleigh, the president of the Baptist State Convention of N.C., Mark Harris, commented on the study. Despite the state taking a strong stand on marriage and defining it as being between one man and one woman, Harris said there are “tremendous challenges the church faces.”
    “I also believe that [the marriage amendment] is an example of what happens when believers come together and we stand shoulder to shoulder, arm and arm because we’re passionate about a cause,” said Harris, pastor of First Baptist Church of Charlotte.
    Harris noted it’s going to take that same kind of commitment to confront issues such as pornography. “I think as we move forward to be salt and light in our community then we’re going to see God do awesome things through his church and that’s my prayer.”
    The Top 10 included:
    1. Orlando, Fla.
    2. Las Vegas, Nev.
    3. Wilmington, Del.
    4. Raleigh, N.C.
    5. Charlotte, N.C.
    6. Minneapolis, Minn.
    7. Atlanta, Ga.
    8. Tampa, Fla.
    9. Anchorage, Alaska
    10. Austin, Texas
    To find the full list, go to menshealth.com/health/smut-census.
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