Mark Harris considers Senate run
    May 7 2013 by BR staff

    While Mark Harris continues to lead his church in Charlotte, there seems to be a groundswell of support for him to run for public office.
    Harris, 47, pastor of Charlotte’s First Baptist Church and president of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, announced that possibility to his church on Sunday (May 5).

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    As president of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Mark Harris leads the annual meeting in November 2012. He is considering running for a political office but continues to lead Charlotte’s First Baptist Church.

    Around 70 people from 20 North Carolina counties met with Harris last week to discuss the possibility of him running for U.S. Senate as a Republican nominee.
    “I’m certainly humbled and flattered by the confidence that these folks have expressed,” he said to the Charlotte Observer. “It’s a little bit overwhelming to be honest. Right now we’re doing two things. One … doing a lot of listening to people and the second and most importantly to me is just to pray and seek God’s leadership … and see if that’s His plan for me.”
    Harris emphasized that he is not presently a candidate for the U.S. Senate and is still the church’s pastor. “I have only obligated myself to listen,” he said, “… and to pray for God to bring clarity and true discernment” as the  “draft movement” develops.
    Harris campaigned in 2012 encouraging churches and individuals to help pass Amendment One, recognizing marriage between a man and woman as the only valid union in N.C. His church has hosted conservative speakers – including former presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council – and Republican precinct meetings.
    State Republicans are looking for a candidate to challenge Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan. Currently there are several individuals considering a run, including N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis, Senate President Phil Berger, U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers and former Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Lynn Wheeler.
    “There are a lot of people concerned about the direction our country is moving in,” said Tom Perdue, a GOP consultant, to the Charlotte Observer. “So naturally people of faith will turn to people they trust as a man of faith. There’s a base of knowledge about (Harris) because of the marriage amendment.”
    Perdue, of Atlanta, said he’s trying to measure the support for Harris, but he emphasized spiritual direction at the meeting last week.
    “I did make clear the goal is not to get Mark to run for the U.S. Senate,” he said in the Charlotte Observer. “The goal is to get Mark to do God’s will for his life.”
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Alan Davis
Ms. Bee,

I forgot to answer your last question, No, I am not a paid Obamite, nor did I vote for him nor would I; however, I would not vote for a cult member either. Be that as it is, it is obvious at this time you value the senate more than the gospel.
6/3/2013 3:14:48 PM

Alan Davis
Dear Ms. Bee,

As I stated in the first sentence; "I do not presume to know what God wants for Mark"... I can not nor did I speak for Mark, however like I said I do know what Scripture says concerning the call to preach the gospel. I also know that the Apostle Paul reminded us that a solider of the cross need not entangle himself with the world.

As to your remark that I think lowly of God I would say to the contrary, I have the highest view of God and His gospel and I, unlike some who have a lower view of God and His gospel, believe that the preaching of the Cross and the "call not to be repented of" is a non retractable call and that the preaching of the cross is not to be left off for something the world thinks has a better chance of "change". To step down from the vocation of preaching the glorious gospel of Christ is always a step DOWN! And as to who I am? I am pastor of Woodland Baptist in Waynesville, NC, and we have put out 10 pastors in the 15 years of my pastorate here at Woodland. I do not want any young pastors to get the idea from Mark's actions that they too can work hard and pastor and preach the gospel and then if they are real lucky then one day they can "move on" to a more powerful calling, the senate!? Do you not see the biblical fallacy in that statement?

My first question to you and all who think that a preacher of the gospel can make a bigger impact by forgoing the preaching of the gospel to become a politician; what is your biblical mandate?

Ms. Bee it seems it is you and others that have a low view of God since you seem to think that a man made government system is the agent for real human change instead of the timeless truth of the glorious gospel. So since I answered your question here is one for you: Which do you see as more powerful, the preaching of the cross or being a senator?

Maybe the advice of C.H. Spurgeon on this matter will suffice. When asked by a young prospective minister about being called to preach the gospel he replied; "if you can do anything else at all, then by all means do it." My view of God is the highest, nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, can be a more powerful vocation than preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

6/3/2013 3:12:01 PM

Belinda Bee
I am SO excited about Pastor Harris possibly running! He will most DEFINITELY have MY support!

Alan Davis: Who are you to decide what Pastor Harris was called for? God has many paths for all His sad you think so lowly of God and Pastor Harris. Or are you just be another paid Obamaite keyboard warrior?
6/1/2013 10:06:00 AM

Alan Davis
I do not presume to know what God wants for Mark, but I do know what the scriptures say, and God does not contradict scripture. It all boils down to whether one sees the gospel more powerful or the government. There is absolutely no scriptural mandate for a man called to preach the gospel to leave off the vocation of preaching the gospel to join the ranks of a man-made institution of government. When faced with a tyrannical government the Apostle Paul didn't run for office though he was well equipped to do so. He preached the gospel. The only prophets of God in the Scriptures involved in Politics were either forced to be there or were there before they were called of God.
Paul said a soldier of the cross does not entangle himself with the affairs of this world. Do we still believe the power of the gospel? What is this telling young men answering the call to preach the gospel? That if they get enough schooling, pastor a prominent church, then one day they can go to Washington? To step down from the vocation of preaching the gospel to anything else is ...well, a step DOWN.
5/22/2013 3:37:31 PM

Christopher Burcham
I cannot imagine stepping down from my pastorate to pursue elective office--and have no idea what Dr. Harris will ultimately feel led to do (or should do). Unlike Mr. Davis, however, I do not believe that we can say that a decision to run for office necessarily means that Dr. Harris has never been called to preach the Gospel or that he would be ignoring that call. It's presumptuous of any of us to assume that we know what God's specific will and direction is for Dr. Harris in this next season. Only the Lord can reveal this to him--and I, for one, pray that he will hear Him clearly either way.
5/10/2013 12:04:25 PM

Joel Stephens
"There is no authority except from God, and the [governing] authorities that exist are appointed by God....he is God's minister to you for good" (Rom 13:1ff). Praying for you, Mark, as you listen.
5/8/2013 11:52:07 PM

Alan Davis
Well, I guess Mark will need to decide if he was called to preach the gospel or not. Is the gospel not enough to change the world or must we now view politics as a higher calling? If he goes into politics he either was never called to preach the gospel or he will be ignoring the call and stepping down ... way down. God's Kingdom will NOT come by man's political system. While we need and look for Christian men to go to Washington, we need even more called men in the pulpits. Which do we see as more powerful? Holy men thundering the gospel for an eternal God or some politicians bending to the whim of the loudest voice working in men's temporal system?
5/8/2013 7:47:06 AM

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