NCBAM teaches disaster preparedness ministry
    May 1 2018 by NCBAM

    North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry’s (NCBAM) newest outreach is a workshop designed to help churches develop Disaster Preparedness plans to help protect their most vulnerable members – those over 65.
    NCBAM developed the workshop as part of its “Priority #1: Prevention” outreach. NCBAM Director Sandy Gregory explains, “Prevention programs play a huge part in helping older adults maintain their independence. And even though older adults are very diverse in terms of physical and mental health, statistically they are at much greater risk during emergency situations. Disasters reveal who is most vulnerable among us and aging adults typically bear the brunt. NCBAM wants to help churches change the outcomes in their communities.”
    The statistics are alarming. For example, according to Disaster Ministry Handbook when an F5 tornado struck Alabama in 2011, 46 percent of fatalities were over age 55 and half of those were over age 80.
    Ninety percent of all fatalities were members of a local church.
    In addition to resource lists for helping churches get started with a ministry like this, NCBAM’s Disaster Preparedness for Aging Adults workshop explains why each church needs to have a preparedness plan for its senior adults, how to plan and maintain a preparedness ministry, and practical ways your church can help individuals 65+ prepare for emergency situations.
    Disasters don’t plan ahead for anyone – but your church can – and NCBAM is ready to help! Its Disaster Preparedness for Aging Adults workshop is appropriate for church leadership groups, senior adult groups, conferences and retreats and non-profit ministries.  
    Call (877) 506-2226 for more information or to schedule a workshop for your group.

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