More charges filed against Cale director
    November 7 2009 by Bob Allen

    HERTFORD, N.C. (ABP) -- Steve Carter, director of Camp Cale in northeast North Carolina, now faces additional charges, after being arrested in July and charged with two counts of sex offenses against a child. 

    A grand jury in Perquimans County handed down four additional indictments Nov. 5 for Carter, 50, who directed Cale Retreat and Conference Center in Hertford, from 2002 until his arrest July 1.

    The new charges are for felony first-degree sex offense of a child, a Class B1 felony punishable in North Carolina by up to life in prison, and felony indecent liberties with a child, a Class F felony punishable by up to 20 years.

    Assistant District Attorney Michael Johnson told the Perquimans Weekly newspaper that allegations against Carter involve three different victims. Johnson is free on $80,000 bond. No trial date has been set.

    Rob Roberts, associational missionary for Chowan Baptist Association, which operates the summer youth camp in the northeastern part of the state, said Carter is on administrative leave with pay, his status since the original charges were made.

    "The association is trying our best to be wise and be caring for everyone touched by this situation," Roberts said in an e-mail. We are praying for him, his family, and the children (and their families) involved in this entire situation."

    Roberts said the association is praying "that the situation will be quickly and clearly resolved."
    11/7/2009 4:11:00 PM by Bob Allen | with 1 comments

Gene Scarborough
This follow up indicates a worsening situation as far as charges go. Again, we must all remember the "innocent until proven guilty" nature of any charges.

The most important thing is see is how seriously our state law takes such activities, should one be found guilty. This should be a warning to many who are hiding behind their clergy role and taking liberties with children or adults. You can do some serious jail time which pales in comparison to the punishment Jesus advocated: Millstone tied around the neck and cast into the sea. Spiritual punishment is far more severe than anything man can divise.

I appreciate the honesty of the BR and DOM--no sides taken / tell it like it is / believe the truth will come out in due time. Don't rush to judgment and pray for those who have been hurt in this most serious circumstance.

Every leader and church member is under close scrutiny so it behoves us to walk the walk in addition to talking the talk.
11/8/2009 9:09:14 AM

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