NC Baptists plan shorter meeting, smaller budget
    November 15 2010 by BR staff/BSC Communications

    North Carolina Baptists meeting Nov. 8-10 in Greensboro decided they no longer want to take three days to conduct their annual business and approved two-day meetings for the future. They also adopted a budget six percent smaller than in 2010, re-elected their officers, passed motions that reopen controversial discussions related to alcohol and doctrinal positions, and passed resolutions affirming the Cooperative Program and the work of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force.

    During his address Nov. 8, Executive Director-Treasurer Milton A. Hollifield Jr., also stated his support for moving the Convention to a 50-50 split of Cooperative Program receipts from churches with the Southern Baptist Convention.

    The 2011 budget inches CP sharing with the SBC up half a percentage point to 35 percent. It is the sixth consecutive such increase, despite declining gifts pushing the 2011 budget down to the size of the 1999 budget.

    BSC photo by K Brown

    Each of the Baptist State Convention officers were re-elected to second terms without opposition. From left: CJ Bordeaux, second vice president and pastor of Gorman Baptist Church, Durham; Beth and Mark Harris, first vice president and pastor of First Baptist Church, Charlotte; and Tanya and Ed Yount, president and pastor of Woodlawn Baptist Church, Conover.

    Some 1,746 messengers passed two motions and three resolutions. One motion, presented by Phil Addison, pastor of Stony Point Baptist Church, asked the Board of Directors to adopt the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 as the doctrinal statement of the BSC.

    A motion by Tim Rogers, pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Indian Trail, asked for a study on the use of alcohol, especially in relation to funding church plants, people in leadership and hiring of personnel.

    Two resolutions, published in the Oct. 23 Biblical Recorder and available online, thanked the host city and embraced the Cooperative Program as Baptists’ primary missions funding channel.

    The Cooperative Program resolution, also offered by Tim Rogers, acknowledged the “value of concerted, cooperative ministries of our churches to reach the peoples of our state, the nation and the world” and a resolve to “embrace the Cooperative Program model as the most accountable, effective and compelling method for fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

    A resolution rejected by the Resolutions Committee, but approved by messengers who had to vote by two-thirds majority to suspend the rules to hear it, thanked the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force for its work. The resolution was offered by Brent Hobbs, pastor of Severn Baptist Church.

    Of the 1,746 messengers, 599 were pastors, 243 were church staff, 199 were spouses and 703 were laity. Visitors totaled 182 bringing the total in attendance to 1,928, 127 fewer than last year and just 27 more than the number that attended the 1952 meeting.

    Shrinking budget

    This will mark the sixth year of the past eight that CP gifts from churches have been lower than the previous year. Messengers adopted a 2011 budget of $32.7 million, which is six percent lower than last year and the size of the 1999 budget. Yet in 2011, for the sixth consecutive year, the SBC allocation of CP gifts has been increased one-half percent.

    In the North Carolina budget, 44.2 percent of gifts fund North Carolina board directed ministries and 20.8 percent support North Carolina’s institutions and agencies. The rest, 35 percent, is sent to the Southern Baptist Convention for national and international missions and education.

    Hollifield said in his address that he wants to move toward a 50-50 split “over a protracted period” as North Carolina Baptist churches step up their giving.

    The only budget opposition voiced was to the reduction in funds to the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina. Budget Chairman Steve Hardy explained that budget recipients’ income is tied to percentages and a decrease in anticipated income results in fewer dollars, even though the percentage of the budget remains the same.


    All officers who served this year were re-elected with no other nominations from the floor. Ed Yount, pastor of Woodlawn Baptist Church in Conover, maintains his presidency. Mark Harris, pastor of First Baptist Church in Charlotte, stays on as first vice president, and C.J. Bordeaux, pastor of Gorman Baptist Church in Durham, is second vice president.

    Committee news

    In other committee reports, the Historical Committee recognized Roger Bullard, member of First Baptist Church in Wilson, as winner of the 2010 History Writing Contest. Bullard won for his “The Life and times of First Baptist Church Wilson, 1860-2010.”

    Messengers approved the Committee on Nominations report brought by chair Perry Brindley with no discussion.

    The full list of persons to serve on the BSC board and as trustees of institutions and agencies has been printed in the Biblical Recorder.

    The next annual meeting will be Nov. 7-8, 2011 at the Koury Center in Greensboro. The convention will return in 2012 to the Coliseum, followed by two more years at the Koury Center.

    11/15/2010 9:23:00 AM by BR staff/BSC Communications | with 3 comments

To Concerned Baptist: divisive behavior is not good, BUT neither is silencing the critics. Just because someone is critical of leadership does not equate to bad criticism. I applaud individuals for speaking out, just as leaders did thirty years ago, and give me something to think about in todays issues.

I am equally concerned that the tent stakes are being drawn in so close that only a handful of folk will find shelter. The table for NC Baptist is big enough for all to share and partake. Afterall, I will spend eternity in heaven with those that I disagree...I might as well get used it and learn to love their company as we sing glory and honor to our God and King.
11/17/2010 9:21:10 AM

Concerned Baptist
Gene, fellow SBC supporters and Biblical Recorder Staff,

I would like to make a few suggestions. Firstly, Gene it is obvious you don't support the ways of the SBC, and that is totally fine. I would ask you find something better to do with your time than to constantly insult the things done by the SBC. Your comments make me feel bad and I am completely embarrassed for you, as you are obviously a sad man that has been hurt by the changes that have taken place. If you don't think the things we do, just stop stressing yourself out over it. Focus your efforts on kingdom work through the CBF. Please take my advice and just move on...

My friends that are SBC supporters, I would like to suggest that we validating the insulting and downright idiotic posts of Mr. Scarborough and those like him.

Biblical Recorder Staff, I am sick and tired of church members and folks in the community asking me what is up with the fact that the most comments under your online news articles rip the SBC and BSCNC to shreds. I am publicly requesting you guys find some way to filter these divisive comments. My suggestion sounds like censorship, and probably is. However, these comments you allow Mr. Scarborough to make are NOT helping further the kingdom of God. At the very least, someone on staff should ask him to tone down his insulting rhetoric of the SBC, BSCNC, SEBTS, and everyone else he chooses to insult. I hope to see the BR do something about this issue, as I plan on also making private efforts to quell this nastiness.

In sum, Mr. Scarborough, get a life and focus on winning souls through the CBF or some group where you are more like minded. Biblical Recorder Staff, PLEASE do something to try to fix this.

Someone may want to respond to tell me how I am out of line or flat out wrong. I have been convicted that unnecessary statements of division like this are not helpful and need to be eliminated. Don't waste your time responding to this post, I won't ever check it.

Thank you for your time and I hope we all spend more time praying and seeking ways to win souls for Christ rather than making rude statements.

11/17/2010 12:25:31 AM

Gene Scarborough
[b]Well - well - well----the Resolutions Committee rejected the resolution on CP giving, but the Messengers over-rode their refusal to act and did it anyway![/b]

[i]On the other side[/i], "not a mumbling word" was said about what the Trustees allowed to happen fo our BR Editor was spoken. This translates to: [b]"We do what the powers that be command!"[/b]

Just keep this up and the CBFNC will get another high percentage of NC churches joining them as happened in recent years! Also, my prediction that [b]"the Men's Room at Baptist Headquarters in Raleigh accomodates the crowd"[/b] will save us plenty of money on facilities required for future meeting, will come true!

[b]Milton, just take that money for the annual meeting and apply it to the 50/50 split with the CP---and you will have accomplished the wishes of the Conservative Resurgence-----EASILY![/b]
11/16/2010 1:17:46 PM

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