Recorder report names editor search committee
    November 17 2010 by BR staff

    Incoming board chair Gerald Hodges named a five-member committee that will be responsible for finding a new editor during the Biblical Recorder’s report to messengers Nov. 9.

    Hodges, pastor of Westwood Baptist Church in Roxboro, quoting from the book Rescuing Ambition by Dave Harvey, said the ambition that pleases God is focused on God, and is confident that “even in falling short of His goals we still stand in His redeeming grace.”

    “As an agency we have as our aim and ambition that this publication will glorify God, build up the churches and edify our king,” Hodges said.

    BSC photo by K Brown

    Gerald Hodges, incoming chairman of the Biblical Recorder’s board of trustees shares the names of the search committee for the new editor. Hodges is pastor of Westwood Baptist Church in Roxboro.

    Although the Biblical Recorder has been a part of North Carolina Baptist life for 177 years Hodges admitted he has been among those who at one time thought it irrelevant. It was “too far down the pile on my desk, too moderate, too dated in format,” he said.

    “I was wrong,” he said. “The Recorder is an important source of information” and he wants to see that perception changed. The Biblical Recorder board “understands where we are as a Convention and understands where we’re headed,” he said.

    Hodges asked for “prayerful support as we seek to build God’s Kingdom through the Biblical Recorder.”

    He commended those who remain on staff after the resignation of Editor Norman Jameson Oct. 21. Assistant Managing Editor Dianna Cagle, Office Manager Alison Zogby and Circulation Manager Amie Moore are “absolutely committed to serving North Carolina Baptists and absolutely committed to working out God’s call in their lives as they work at the Recorder,” he said.

    Hodges said the search committee will consist of himself, incoming director Jo Andrews, a member of Lawndale Baptist Church in Greensboro; and board members Robert Hefner, a staff member at Mud Creek Baptist Church in Hendersonville; Richard Hicks, interim pastor at East Lumberton Baptist Church, and Don Warren, a member of Parkwood Baptist Church in Gastonia. 

    “We’re completely aware that it’s difficult,” Hodges said. “But we are absolutely confident of God’s sovereign hand in and over these circumstances.”

    In a phone conversation Nov. 15, Hodges said the hope is for the search committee to meet in early December “before the holidays get cranked up.”

    At that time they will formalize a job description as well as a timeline for having a new editor in place.

    Jameson will continue as editor through Dec. 31. Nominations will be accepted at Biblical Recorder, P.O. Box 18808, Raleigh, NC 29619-8808. Attn: Search Committee.

    Phone calls to Hodges’ office at (336) 599-1982; e-mail: with subject: Biblical Recorder Search Committee.  

    Emergency surgery
    Jameson, who had surgery Nov. 10, is at his home in Raleigh recovering. His severe abdominal pain was caused from adhesions and scar tissue built up where his appendix was removed 30 years ago. Doctors operated later that day.
    11/17/2010 5:47:00 AM by BR staff | with 2 comments

Gene Scarborough
I simply recommend that we ask the Pastor of FBC Charlotte to become the Editor = it appears he is behind this mess and should gladly take official responsibility for it as the new Editor.

I had such messes in 2 churches I served = [b]no one could please "certain leaders of the church." Therefore, just let them become the new Pastor and see how it feels to try and please those who won't be satisfied unless they are in charge![/b]
11/18/2010 10:20:53 PM

Would love to see the job description they devise. "Must be able to take dictation" will be high on the list.
11/18/2010 6:48:55 PM

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