Pastor shares ‘OneCry’ for N.C. Baptists
    November 18 2011 by Shawn Hendricks, BR Managing Editor

    While pushing his way through the cobwebs as he entered the balcony of Moriah Chapel in Wales, Darryl Craft felt chills. During a 10-day trip to the United Kingdom, he stood there looking across the site of the legendary Welsh revival that took place in 1904.
    Standing where hundreds of thousands of people once put their trust in Jesus Christ, Craft, senior pastor of Green Street Baptist Church in High Point, asked his guide how many people now attend the chapel each week.
    “My imagination was filled with all of the crammed crowds that came when the spirit of God fell, the people cried out to God and thousands were saved … the place was packed to capacity,” Craft told North Carolina Baptists Nov. 8 during the final evening of their annual meeting.
    “He showed this incredible look of sadness and he said, ‘There’s usually about 15 people here on Sunday,’” Craft said.
    “Today, Wales is a very dark country spiritually.”
    Craft said he couldn’t help but wonder, “God, is this where we’re headed where I live?”
    ‘We need spiritual awakening’
    We live in troubled times, Craft contended.
    “Our land is in a state of moral and spiritual devastation,” he said. “It is out of devastation that we must unite with one voice … we need revival. We need spiritual awakening.”
    Craft described churches today becoming more like “Divorce Court” or “Judge Judy” than a place where people worship and cry out to God.

    At the BSC annual meeting, Darryl Craft, pastor of Green Street Baptist Church, High Point, shared about the initiative OneCry, a nationwide call for spiritual awakening set to launch February 2012.

    “I’m tired of seeing the enemy overcome the saints of the Living God and watch them living in such terrible conditions of sin ... homes devastated … lives ruined, marriages forfeited,” he said.
    Southern Baptists have incredible resources, and they have accomplished many things through the years. But more money, better strategies, resources and new programs aren’t enough, Craft said.
    “Resolutions at a convention aren’t going to change anything,” he said. “The deeper issue is an issue of the heart.”
    “We can legislate ‘In God we trust’ all we want,” he added. “I don’t care if it is impressed on a coin. What I want to see is the living power of God impressed on the hearts of the people of Christ.”
    “We need one cry for God to invade our lives.”
    During his message, Craft shared about the initiative OneCry, a nationwide call for spiritual awakening set to launch February 2012. The effort seeks to attract 50,000 prayer supporters who will pray for revival and share the OneCry vision. Byron Paulus, executive director of Life Action Ministries, began the initiative.
    Revival is the country’s only hope, Craft said.
    Reading from the book of Joel, Craft shared how the people of Israel faced drought, locust infestations and devastation. There also was hope, he added.
    Craft read Joel 3:18. “In that day the mountains will drip with sweet wine, and the hills will flow with milk. All the streams of Judah will flow with water, and a spring will issue from the Lord’s house, watering the Valley of Acacias.”
    “Don’t you want that to happen here in our midst?” Craft asked.
    “Don’t you want God to pour His spirit out on this nation … in your church, in your city, in your home and in your life?”
    Craft stressed that as it is mentioned in the book of Joel, there is hope for us today.
    “I believe God is still working, don’t you?” Craft asked. “The real answer is in Him. Revival is Jesus. We need Jesus.”
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B. Warren
Just like always, God's timing is not our timing. The revival has already started. The recent tornadoes in April was another '911' wake up call. If we didn't participate in reaching out to our communities, "Baptists or not," then we missed the beginning of another awakening. God's not waiting until February 2012, and neither should we. Also, if you were of age during the 1970's and didn't participate or were "asleep" during the Jesus movement, "another awakening," the move of God and Jesus Himself created revival and an awakening that moved people and evangelism from California to N.C. and the entire country. Note: Truth and love is wanted by 'local' youth, and everyone. Not just through a shoebox. For info. on just one current revival:
11/22/2011 12:59:48 PM

Dr. James Willingham
For 38 years, ever since I addressed the Pastor's Prayer Meeting of the Sandy Creek Baptist Assn. in 1973 on the subject “A Great Awakening,” I have been praying for such a visitation, specifically for the Third Great Awakening, the one which wins every soul on earth, hopefully, beginning in this generation andcontinuing for a thousand generations. The interesting thing is that Sandy Creek Church and Assn. were established by people converted in the First Great Awakening and then about 49 years later experienced the Second Great Awakening. They also participated in the launching of the Great Century of Missions circa 1816. What is needed is a fresh understanding of the theology and the devotion that were key ingredients in that visitation. Likewise, we need to know more about why Evan Roberts repudiated the Azusa Street contact and the consequent end of the Welsh Revival. Theological changes in the ministry are taking place here in N.C., but the work is slow. And an understanding of just how the theology is intended to be applied is wanting though the tools for that understanding are at hand and ready for use by knowing and willing servants. We need to follow Jonathan Edwards’ Humble Attempt which evoked the prayer meetings that led to the launching of the Great Century of Missions and the Second Great Awakening, and we must plead the promises (nearly a 100) which he listed in that work as did our predecessors in the 1740-1820 period.
11/21/2011 11:02:32 AM

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