BCH sets $1.5 million offering goal
    November 4 2014 by BSC Communications

    Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH) has offered homes to countless boys and girls through its more than 125 years of ministry.
    “I didn’t know a lot about hope when I was 10 years old,” said Joe Knight, who was helped by BCH when he was a child. “I didn’t have any hope. I didn’t know what hope was.”
    Now Knight serves the Thomasville campus through his landscaping business.


    Besides children’s residential care, BCH offers family care for single mothers and their children, homes for developmentally disabled adults, weekday education and a resource-based program for aging adults.
    This year’s Thanksgiving Offering is scheduled Nov. 16-23 but churches can collect the offering year round.
    The BCH staff serves all of North Carolina’s 100 counties through its 23 facilities in 19 communities scattered across the state. The goal for this year’s offering is $1.5 million and the theme is Redeemed, based on Psalm 107:2 – “Let the REDEEMED of the Lord say so...”
    Share the Baptist Children’s Homes story with your church. Promotional materials and videos are available at bchfamily.org. You can also order copies of most materials at (800) 476-3669, ext. 1209. 
    Prayer guide for BCH offering:

    • Sunday. Pray for North Carolina children and families.
    • Monday. Pray for the hundreds of children and families BCH serves each year through its 19 statewide locations.
    • Tuesday. Pray for the dedicated houseparents, residential care givers, chiefs and social workers who give of themselves around the clock to care for our boys and girls.
    • Wednesday. Pray for the Good Shepherd Children’s Home, BCH’s new orphanage in Xela, Guatemala.
    • Thursday. Pray for those who live at BCH’s nine statewide homes for developmentally disabled adults.
    • Friday. Pray that you will be sensitive to hurting children in your community.
    • Saturday. Pray for BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell as he leads the ministry.
    • Sunday. Pray that BCH’s residents will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


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