‘God’s at work,’ speaker says to ministers' wives
    November 11 2014 by Dianna L. Cagle, BR Production Editor

    It’s not often that ministers’ wives are able to gather together and fellowship.
    The North Carolina Baptist Ministers’ Wives gather each November for its annual meeting just before the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina convenes its annual meeting. The Nov. 10 meeting brought together 83 ladies.
    Although not a pastor’s wife, Beth Greer (lifeandgodliness.com) told the women she has “a heart for you.”
    Greer, who lives in Lexington, S.C., led worship and served as the speaker. “[Jesus] knows you. He knows your struggle. He knows the people in your church. He knows who your pastor is. He knows and He cares and He is moving and He’s always at work … for His glory, his purposes and for your good. Whether you see it, feel it, no matter what people say. He’s in charge.”
    Greer was raised in Brazil where her parents were missionaries. She teaches preschool at a church four days a week. She and her husband, Tom, have been married almost 30 years and are members of First Baptist Church in Columbia, S.C. They have two daughters; both are students at the University of South Carolina.


    BR photo by Dianna L. Cagle
    From left: Harriett Lovett, secretary/treasurer 2014-2016; Chrissie Redding, Central #1 representative; Lisa Miller, president; Ginnie Varnam, president elect 2015-2016; Jan Tyson, vice president; Amy Harmon, 2015 retreat chair; Diane Smith, 2015 retreat vice chair; Dakota Spurling, Western #2 representative; Kim Gates, 2015 retreat vice chair; Cheryl Reeves, Western #1 representative; and Betty Smith, Eastern.


    Greer shared a story of two women she met while in Moldova. They are from another country and shared a Bible with a group of people. Each one would take a page and memorize it – front and back.
    “When they get back together they exchange papers so they can literally eat the word of God and live it,” she said.
    Minister wives need to know God is at work, Greer said.
    “Whether you and I see it, feel it or experience here in this country, God’s at work,” she stressed. “God reigns; He knows our life.”
    She shared mainly from Psalm 139.
    “He’s intimately acquainted with all of my ways,” she said. “There is a hedge of protection around you that cannot be penetrated unless God gives permission.”

    Everything that women face “has to sift through the Hand of God,” she said.
    Too many women are walking around as if defeated. “We forget that the power that raised the Son of God is in us,” she said.
    Too many are carrying burdens God never intended for them to carry.
    “Instead of laying them … on the altar, what happens is we put strings attached to them because we don’t think Jesus is going to do His work,” Greer said. “God is always at work, whether we see it, feel it … listen, your relationship with Jesus is not based on how you feel. It’s based on the person of Jesus Christ. Praise Him.”
    Jesus was always Plan A for God, Greer said.
    She encouraged women to look to God to find their worth.
    “What I have to do, on a daily basis sometimes … I rebuke that thought that I’m not worthy, that I’m not loved, that I’m not fashioned after [God],” she said.
    Thankfully when God looks upon His children He doesn’t see the people but Jesus and His blood covering over the multitude of sins, Greer said.
    She urged women to look to the “pure Word of God,” because it “is all we need for life and godliness.”
    Officers at the summer retreat met to discuss open offices, most of which have been filled. The organization has three vacant offices: publicity chairperson, 2016 retreat chair and 2016 retreat vice chair. Officers are: Lisa Miller, president; Jan Tyson, vice president; Ginnie Varnam, president elect 2015-2016; Harriett Lovett, secretary/treasurer 2014-2016; Amy Harmon, 2015 retreat chair; Diane Smith and Kim Gates, 2015 retreat vice chairs; Becky Blakely and Julie Pierce, scrapbookers. Regional representatives include Betty Smith, Eastern; Chrissie Redding, Central #1; Gina Powell, Central #2; Cheryl Reeves, Western #1; and Dakota Spurling, Western #2.

    The summer meeting also raised the budget for the July retreat and November annual meeting to try to attract more ministers’ wives.
    Total deposits/receipts (11/11/2013-11/10/2014) are $9,771.35 with expenses totaling $10,040.84. Balance to date is $7,063.45.
    The events the group plans each year – retreats for minister wives and new minister wives and the annual meeting – make up most of the financial report. The group receives money through retreats, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSC), offerings at its annual meeting and the Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina. The expenses are related to its meetings along with deposits for retreats and a booth at the BSC annual meeting.

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