Resolution in support of religious liberty
    November 4 2014 by BSC Communications

    The Committee on Resolutions and Memorials met via telephone conference call Oct. 30 to consider the “Resolution in Support of Religious Liberty.” 
    The resolution was approved unanimously by the Committee and will be presented at the Annual Meeting Nov. 10-11 as part of the committee’s report.
    Whereas the Holy Scriptures state, “We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29) and,
    Whereas a group of pastors in Houston, Texas, having taken a stand upon this scriptural truth, publicly opposed legislation in their city known as the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance which focuses on gender identity, and
    Whereas the legal counsel representing the City of Houston, Texas by issuing subpoenas for the pastors’ public opposition to the ordinance, demonstrated a gross misunderstanding of the religious liberty afforded pastors by the Constitution of the United States of America to speak without interference from the governments of this nation, and
    Whereas the legal counsel representing the City of Houston, Texas rescinded the subpoenas of these pastors’ sermons, emails, texts, and other documents on October 29, 2014, therefore
    Be it resolved that the messengers attending the 184th meeting of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina join the growing chorus of voices that support these pastors in Houston, Texas, and the freedom all pastors possess to speak out against such legislation, and
    Be it further resolved that the messengers denounce any government’s efforts attempt to intimidate the speech of pastors, and to imply that pastors forfeit their freedom to protest the actions of governments when they enter their pulpits, and
    Be it finally resolved that copies of this resolution be sent to the following individuals indicating our shared sentiments as each of these leaders have already signed a letter of protest that was sent to Mayor Parker’s office dated October 16, 2014:
    SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee President Russell D. Moore,
    Baptist Joint Commission Executive Director Brent Walker,
    SBC Executive Committee President Frank S. Page,
    Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Executive Coordinator Suzii Paynter,
    Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Executive Director Jim Richards,
    Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Director David Hardage,
    Southern Baptists of Texas Convention President Jimmy Pritchard,
    Baptist General Convention of Texas President Jeff Johnson,
    Houston Baptist University President Robert Sloan and
    Baptist General Convention of Texas Christian Life Commission Director Gus Reyes

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