Billy Graham in hospital (updated Oct. 13)
    October 11 2008 by BR staff

    Billy Graham’s personal physician has advised him to be mindful of his dogs after his overnight stay in the hospital Friday night.

    Graham, who was released Saturday from Mission Hospital, was sore and bruised but not seriously injured. Sam, Graham’s golden retriever, got under his feet at his home in Montreat, said Graham spokesman Larry Ross.

    "He's a loyal dog. He follows Mr. Graham wherever he goes," Ross said.

    The dog was a gift two years ago from friends of one of Graham's children, Ross added.

    A hospital spokeswoman said no broken bones were discovered in X-rays but Graham did stay overnight Friday night due to the late hour.

    Dr. Lucian Rice said Graham was able to do his daily exercises Saturday morning.

    "Of course we worry any time a patient takes a fall, especially an older patient. But while Mr. Graham is somewhat bruised, with some extremely sore muscles, he seems to have suffered no serious injuries," said Rice, who is Graham’s personal physician, said in a statement released by the hospital.

    Rice expects a full recovery, but did have some advice for his patient: "I am encouraging him to remain as active as possible, but to be mindful of his dog, who likes to keep faithfully at his feet."

    Graham’s last hospitalization at Mission was in February for an elective replacement of the brain shunt that maintains normal pressure within his head.

    The shunt, first installed in 2000, drains fluid from through a small tube, relieving excess pressure that can cause symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease.

    Graham has also suffered from prostate cancer and macular degeneration. He was hospitalized last year for nearly two weeks after experiencing intestinal bleeding.

    For more than 60 years, Billy Graham has preached to nearly 215 million people at hundreds of events and countless millions more via television and radio.

    The evangelist turns 90 on Nov. 7.

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