Summary of proposed amendments to bylaws
    October 24 2012 by Baptist State Convention

    The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) Board of Directors will bring three proposed amendments to the bylaws for consideration by messengers attending the BSCNC annual meeting November 12-13 at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex Special Events Center. The Board is not bringing proposed amendments to the articles of incorporation. An explanation of the proposed amendments is provided below:

    Motion One

    The first motion, related to Article I.C.5.a.(vi) and Article II.F.1., addresses qualifications of non-Board members of special committees of the Board of Directors, such as the Budget Committee and the Articles and Bylaws Committee. The bylaws limit individuals to a single place of service in regards to their membership on a Convention committee, the Convention’s Board of Directors, and the boards of the Convention’s institutions, agencies and affiliated educational institutions. Currently an individual cannot serve as a member of more than one of these committees or boards at one time.
    This motion seeks to clarify limitations on the service of non-Board members of special committees to a single place of service. The proposed amendments stipulate that the Board president may not appoint individuals for these places of service who are already serving as members of Convention committees, or serving on the boards of the Convention’s institutions, agencies and affiliated educational institutions. The amendments also provide that the Committee on Nominations may not nominate individuals already serving as a non-Board member of a special committee to positions as members of Convention committees or the boards of institutions, agencies or affiliated educational institutions. 

    Motion Two

    The second motion proposes a change to Article III.C.6. of the bylaws to reflect the title change of North Carolina Baptist Hospital’s School of Pastoral Care to the Division of Faith and Health Ministries. This proposed amendment does not impact the relationship of North Carolina Baptist Hospital with the BSCNC.

    Motion Three

    The third motion is a series of proposed amendments that clarify the work of the Committee on Nominations. Currently, there is inconsistency in the language used to address the ability of an individual who was elected to a full term of service but did not complete the full term of service, to either return to service on the same board or committee or to begin a new term of service on a different board or committee. The proposed amendments will address these issues that are not explicitly covered by the current bylaws related to Convention committees (Article I.C.2.c., Convention Committees), the Convention Board (Article II.B.3., Election of At-large Members of the Board of Directors), Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute (Article II. G.2.a.(vi), Fruitland Board of Directors), and Institutions and Agencies (Article III.B.3.c., Election of Trustees and Directors).
    These proposed amendments to the bylaws will be presented to messengers during the Tuesday morning session (Nov. 13) of the annual meeting and are subject to a majority vote. The presentation will take place as part of the Board of Directors report during that session.
    Questions related to these proposed amendments may be directed to the following individuals at the platform at the conclusion of the Monday evening session: Bartley Wooten, chair of the Articles and Bylaws Committee; Brian Davis, executive leader for Administration and Convention Relations; or John Small, Convention counsel.
    For more information about the annual meeting visit

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