2013 proposed amendments to BSC Bylaws
    October 21 2013 by BSC Communications

    During its meeting on Sept, 24-25, 2013, the Board of Directors (Board) of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (Convention) approved numerous proposals to amend the Bylaws of the Convention. The Board will bring ten motions at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Convention for consideration by the messengers. The Board recommends no amendments to the Articles of Incorporation this year, only amendments to the Bylaws. The current reading and the proposed amendments of the affected Bylaws are found here.

    In summary, the proposed amendments seek to address three needs:  an amendment regarding the change of purpose at Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute, amendments to bring clarification and/or correction to the Bylaws, and amendments necessary to revise the structure of the committees of the Board based upon the new five year Convention strategy approved by the Board during its May meeting.
    Motion one amends the purpose of Fruitland, including a change in name. See the article titled “Proposal to Change the Purpose of Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute” found here.

    Motions two and three address matters related to voting/quorum by messengers at the Annual Meeting, the Convention Board, and the Convention committees. This is a matter identified by the Articles and Bylaws Special Committee requiring clarification but unrelated to any other proposed amendments.
    Motion four proposes changes to the structure of the Executive Committee based on the new committee structure, approved by the Board during its May meeting. Two committees, the Congregational Services Committee and the Evangelization Committee, are eliminated. There is a single new committee to be known as the Evangelism and Discipleship Committee. In addition, the name of the Church Planting and Mission Development Committee changes to Church Planting and Mission Partnerships Committee. The structure of the Executive Committee is changed by the deletion of the chairpersons for the committees being eliminated and the addition of the chairperson for the new committee for a net reduction of one in the size of the Executive Committee.
    Motion five establishes the composition, powers and duties of the newly established Evangelism and Discipleship Committee. This new committee relates to the new Evangelism and Discipleship Group formed as part of the new strategy and structure.

    Motion six identifies the new name, increases the size, and updates the powers and duties of the Church Planting and Mission Partnerships Committee.
    Motion seven proposes changes to the Business Services Committee. Specifically, the motion includes an increase in the size of the Committee, an update to its powers and duties, and a revision of its sub-committees and their duties. These changes are not related to the new strategy and structure but are designed to help this Committee operate more efficiently.
    Motion eight proposes changes to the Communications Committee. The size of the Committee is increased and titles of staff assigned to support the Committee are updated based upon the new staff structure.
    Motion nine proposes changes to the Christian Life and Public Affairs Special Committee. The size of the Committee decreases, and the title of the staff assigned to support the Committee is updated.
    Motion ten addresses several items. First, it brings references to representatives of North Carolina Baptist Hospital (Hospital) into agreement with its structure. Currently, the Bylaws make references to the School of Pastoral Care, which no longer exists at the Hospital. Second, it addresses the sizes of the Christian Higher Education Special Committee and the Christian Social Services Special Committee. These changes are brought in a single motion as they address committees that are related to institutions of, or affiliated with, the Convention. 
    Please note that motions five, nine, and ten bring into agreement the election of committee chairs for the committees and special committees of the Board. Currently some of the committees expressly indicate that chairpersons are to be elected in January each year, while other committees omit this expectation. These motions bring consistency to each of the committees that have been duly constituted in January that the chairperson will be elected during the January meeting. The exceptions to this rule are the Budget Special Committee and Articles and Bylaws Special Committee as their respective chairs are appointed by the Board President.
    If you have questions concerning these proposed amendments, please do not hesitate to contact Bartley Wooten, chair of the Articles and Bylaws Special Committee at bartleywooten@gmail.com, or Brian Davis, associate executive director-treasurer at bdavis@ncbaptist.org.

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