N.C. Baptists schedule for annual meeting
    October 22 2013 by BSC

    Messengers to the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSC) will gather Nov. 11-12 in Greensboro at the Koury Convention Center. Visit ncannualmeeting.org or brnow.org for more information. Below is a schedule of the meeting. At left, there is a list of breakout sessions offered Nov. 12.


    Monday evening, Nov. 11

    2:00 p.m. Exhibits and registration open
    6:00       Call to Worship – Mark Christian, Worship  
                  Ministry of First Baptist Church, Charlotte
    6:30       Call to Order – Mark Harris
                  Pledges (American and Christian flags,    
                  Committee on Convention Meetings – Joel 
                  Prayer – Lee Pigg
    6:55/7:00 Greetings/Introductions
    7:05       Arise Worship Service (Mark Christian;
                  Worship Ministry of First Baptist Church, 
                  Charlotte; Mark Harris; Timmy D. Blair Sr.)
                  President’s Address – Mark Harris

    Tuesday morning, Nov. 12

    7:30 a.m. Listening Sessions
                  2014 Budget Proposal (Sandpiper)
                  Convention Bylaws Amendments & Fruitland (Tanglewood)
    8:00       Exhibits and registration open
    8:30       Call to Worship – Alex Rodriguez
                  Spanish Worship Band, First Baptist Church, Garner
    8:45       Call to Order – Mark Harris      
                  Prayer – K’Them Nfn
    8:50       Theme Interpretation – Steve Corts
    9:00       Worship through Prayer – Steve Corts
    9:10       Worship through Music – Alex Rodriguez
    9:20       Board of Directors Report – Michael Barrett
                  Impacting Lostness – Milton A. Hollifield Jr.
    10:00     Music – Alex Rodriguez
    10:05     Miscellaneous Business
    10:20     Board of Directors Report – Michael Barrett
    10:45     N.C. Baptist Hospital – Gary Gunderson
    11:00     Institution & Agency Reports
                  N.C. Baptist Foundation – Clay Warf
                  Biblical Recorder – K. Allan Blume
                  Baptist Children’s Homes of N.C. – Michael Blackwell
    11:15     Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina – Tana Hartsell
    11:30     Election of Officers (Fixed Order of Business) – President
    11:45     Closing Prayer – J.D. Tew

    Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 12

    1:15 p.m. Call to Order – Mark Harris      
                    Prayer – Sydney Stikeleather
    1:20        Greeting; LifeWay Christian Resources
    1:25        Election of Officers (first, second vice president)
    1:35        Theme Interpretation – Larry Doyle
    1:40        Worship through Prayer – Larry Doyle
    1:45        Worship through Music – Kenny Lamm
    1:50        N.C. Baptist Men – Richard Brunson
    2:05        Convention Committee Reports
                   Committee on Nominations – Charles Martin      
                   Committee on Resolutions and Memorials – Bob Weathers
                   Historical Committee – Albie Brice
    2:20        Music – Kenny Lamm
    2:25        Board of Directors Report; Budget (Fixed Order of Business) – Michael Barrett
    2:55        Breakout sessions promotion – Lynn Sasser
    3:00        Closing Prayer – Davis Hooper
    3:15        Breakout sessions begin (see here)

    Tuesday evening, Nov. 12

    6:45      Call to Worship – Simon Touprong
                 Combined Multiethnic Choir
    7:15      Call to Order – Mark Harris
                 Prayer – William Ortega
    7:20      Greetings
                 Executive Committee, SBC
                 International Mission Board
                 North American Mission Board
    7:25      Special Recognition – M.O. Owens Jr.
                 (7:30 Exhibits close)
    7:40      Evaluation
    7:45      Presentation of Officers
    7:50      Worship through Prayer – James Fisher
    8:00      Worship through Music – Simon Touprong
                 Combined Multiethnic Choir
    8:20      Convention Sermon – Fred Luter Jr.
    8:50      Closing Prayer – James Horton
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