2014 summary for proposed BSC bylaw amendments
    October 21 2014 by BSC Communications

    The Board of Directors (Board) will present to the messengers attending the 2014 annual meeting of the Baptist State Convention (Convention) proposed amendments to the Convention’s bylaws for consideration. The proposed amendments are encapsulated in six (6) motions. A brief description of each motion is found below. The current reading and proposed reading for each affected bylaw is found here and will be printed in a special section of the Biblical Recorder for the annual meeting. Please note that no changes are proposed for the Convention’s Articles of Incorporation, only for its Bylaws.
    Motion 1 – These amendments focus on the work of the Resolutions and Memorials Committee and the submission of resolutions for consideration during the annual meeting of the Convention. Increasingly, some messengers are bypassing the Resolutions and Memorials Committee and are bringing resolutions directly to the floor of the Convention during miscellaneous business. In those cases, messengers are called upon to consider resolutions that have not been vetted by the Resolutions and Memorials Committee. Such resolutions may or may not be artfully drafted. The messengers have not had time to prayerfully consider the resolutions. Such actions can consume time that might be devoted to other matters requiring the attention of messengers. These amendments attempt to bring more order to what has been at times a chaotic procedure with emergency meetings of the Resolutions and Memorials Committee or efforts by parliamentarians and others to assist the messenger presenting the resolution with clarification and editing of the resolution.  These amendments would eliminate surprise resolutions and require a messenger to go through the Resolutions and Memorials Committee for consideration of the resolution; the amendments also provide a procedure for messengers to present any resolution that is not proposed by the Resolutions and Memorials Committee. 
    Motion 2 – These amendments seek to address the difficulties that arise when a regular meeting of the Board is cancelled. The members of the Board experienced complications that arose following the cancellation of the January 2014 meeting. In the past, the shortened meeting of the Board at Caswell in September 2010 due to an approaching tropical storm created numerous challenges. The January and September meetings are critical because cancellation of these meetings impacts the work of the various committees of the Board, the Convention’s Committee on Nominations, and proposals requiring Board action prior to consideration by messengers at the annual meeting in November. These amendments provide a means for the existing leaders to continue to serve and for the Board to convene for substitute regular meetings in the event any of its scheduled meetings are cancelled due inclement weather, disaster, or similar emergency circumstances.
    Motion 3 – This change addresses a request made by the Committee on Nominations regarding the need for clarification on the eligibility of certain individuals being considered for service on the Convention’s Board of Directors. 
    Motion 4 – This amendment removes language that has persisted from the time when the current Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee was a council of the Convention. The deletion brings consistency among committee responsibilities.
    Motion 5 – These changes update the names referenced in these sections.
    Motion 6 – These amendments bring consistency to the current language regarding the trustees of North Carolina Baptist Hospital (Hospital). Currently, some provisions in this section apply to all trustees serving on the board of the Hospital; other provisions only apply to trustees elected by the Convention. To achieve consistent application of these provisions, the amendments will apply these provisions only to trustees elected by the Convention. The Hospital has been electing half of the trustees since the late 1990s.
    If you have questions, concerns, or comments please feel to contact Brian Davis, associate executive director-treasurer, at bdavis@ncbaptist.org or (800) 395-5102.

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