Student sees a young Muslim man decide to follow Jesus
    October 1 2014 by Paige Ryder, IMB

    It had been over four weeks since Face2Face student Bridgitte McLaughlin* met Moussa,* and she knew something was different about him. Moussa, 19, appeared to be a leader. He was loved by the kids in town and respected by adults.
    When Moussa came to listen to the Bible stories McLaughlin shared, he would call out those who caused disruption or seemed disinterested. People listened to him.
    Over the next couple of weeks McLaughlin and her friends began to notice a change in Moussa.


    Bridgitte McLaughlin* stands with a group of West African children.


    One day Moussa came to McLaughlin and said, “I went back to my home village and I was telling someone about Jesus, but then she asked me a question and I didn’t know [the answer].” Moussa seemed discouraged.
    McLaughlin asked what the question was.
    “I’m not sure you’re going to know [the answer] … Where did Jesus die?” Moussa asked.
    McLaughlin and her friends showed Moussa some scripture and answered his question. Relieved, Moussa thanked them.
    Moussa’s question got McLaughlin thinking. Why was a Muslim man sharing the name of Jesus? She decided to ask him more questions.
    Moussa told McLaughlin that when he was around age 12 he went to an Islamic school to learn Arabic and the Quran. Moussa questioned the teachings, lifestyle and authority of Islam. He didn’t know who to tell or where to go for Truth.
    McLaughlin wanted to know if Moussa made a decision to follow Christ. When she asked him, he replied, “Would you like me to make a decision?”
    “This is between you and God,” McLaughlin said.
    “I just wanted to know what you were going to say,” Moussa said, “but I already made a decision and no one can change it.
    “I’m going to follow Jesus.”
    Moussa told McLaughlin that his dad walked into his room while he was reading the Bible and asked if he was going to fast during Ramadan. To McLaughlin’s surprise, he said he lifted up his Bible in response and his dad walked out. He did not observe Ramadan.
    Moussa and McLaughlin were both encouraged by the words of a believer in the village who told Moussa, “Moses was chosen by God and it doesn’t mean that Moses was perfect, but he was a leader and he was strong. I see leadership in you.”
    *Name changed
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