Board recommends $31M budget to messengers
    October 3 2017 by Chad Austin, BSC Communications

    The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s (BSC) Board of Directors approved a proposed 2018 Cooperative Program (CP) budget totaling $31 million on Tuesday, Sept. 26 during the board’s regularly scheduled fall meeting at Caraway Conference Center near Asheboro.
    The proposed budget will now be presented to messengers attending the 2017 BSC annual meeting for consideration. The meeting is scheduled for Nov. 6-7 at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro.

    The 2018 budget proposal reflects an increase of $625,000 over the budget that messengers approved last year. The 2017 CP budget is $30.375 million.
    The proposal also calls for 0.5 percent increase in the allocation to Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) missions and ministries, which would go from 40.5 percent to 41 percent in 2018. If approved, the 2018 budget would mark the 12th consecutive year that North Carolina Baptists have increased the percentage allocation to the SBC.
    “I’m grateful that the budget committee was able to recommend an increase in the overall Cooperative Program budget so that we can continue increasing what we’re sending to the international and North American mission boards through our SBC allocation,” said John Butler, who leads the BSC Business Services Group. “I’m even more thankful that North Carolina Baptist churches and individuals recognize the value of doing missions cooperatively and continue to increase their Cooperative Program giving which makes all of this possible.”
    The proposed budget also recommends increases to BSC institutions and agencies, which include the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina, N.C. Baptist Hospital, the Biblical Recorder and the N.C. Baptist Foundation. Under the proposal, allocations to institutions and agencies would increase by a total of $75,000, including a $25,000 increase for Fruitland Baptist Bible College.
    Jeff Isenhour, pastor of Arran Lake Baptist Church in Fayetteville who serves as chairman of the convention’s Budget Special Committee, noted that while the proposed budget recommends some shifts in allocations between existing staff-led ministries of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, no additional funds are allocated for new ministries.
    The proposed budget also recommends a two percent salary increase for state convention staff, which is slightly less than the projected Consumer Price Index increase for 2017, Isenhour said.
    Messengers attending the convention’s annual meeting will have an opportunity to ask questions about the 2018 budget proposal during a listening session with Butler, Isenhour and other convention leaders scheduled for 7:30 a.m. on Tues., Nov. 7 at the Koury Convention Center. Messengers will then consider the proposed budget during a business session later that afternoon at 2:25 p.m.
    In a separate measure, the board also approved a motion designating how funds received that are in excess of the proposed $31 million budget in 2018 would be allocated. The motion calls for any excess funds to be allocated as follows: one-third to church planting; one-third to the SBC; and one-third to be divided equally among the Baptist Children’s Homes, the Biblical Recorder and Fruitland Baptist Bible College.
    The board also approved a motion that set the 2018 goal for the North Carolina Missions Offering (NCMO) at $2.1 million, which is unchanged from 2017. Allocations for the offering also remained unchanged. NCMO is typically received by N.C. Baptists in September and supports N.C Baptist Men (also known as Baptists on Mission), church planting, two mission camps, missions mobilization projects and missions projects in N.C. Baptist associations.
    Messengers will also consider the motions for the allocation of excess 2018 budget funds and the 2018 NCMO offering goal and allocations during the annual meeting.

    Financial report

    During the meeting, Beverly Volz, BSC director of accounting services, gave board members an update on the 2017 CP budget.
    As of Aug. 31, Volz said the state convention received approximately $19.2 million in CP funds, which is almost two percent above what the convention received through the same time period last year. While receipts are still below the year-to-date CP budget, Volz attributed that to seasonal giving trends, noting that giving usually dips during the summer but picks up in the fall.
    Volz also reported that giving to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is up nearly three percent and giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is up by more than six percent through the same time period as last year. Through Aug. 31, N.C. Baptists have contributed more than $5.8 million to the Annie Armstrong offering for North American missions and nearly $10.9 million to the Lottie Moon offering for international missions.
    Brian Davis, BSC associate executive director-treasurer, also reported that giving to the NCMO us up more than 14 percent this year through the same time period in 2016. As of Aug. 31, NCMO gifts totaled more than $645,000, which does not reflect any giving amounts from September when the NCMO is typically emphasized in churches. Davis said he was also encouraged by NCMO giving in light of the recent hurricanes that have impacted the United States and the Caribbean. Disaster relief is one of several ministries that are supported by the NCMO.
    “This is significant because sometimes during hurricane season when disasters strike people tend to give to a specific cause as opposed to giving to something like the North Carolina Missions Offering,” Davis said. “We want to celebrate the fact that while we know churches are receiving designated offerings for hurricane relief, they are also recognizing the need to support the North Carolina Missions Offering.
    “We are thankful that it’s not an either/or, and it’s obvious that our churches are recognizing the necessity of supporting both.”

    Other business

    In other business, the board approved four new appointees to the Fruitland Baptist Bible College Board of Directors. James Felty, a member of Calvary Baptist Church in Brevard; James Gore, retired pastor of Millers Creek Baptist Church; and Davis Hooper, pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Franklin were all appointed to new four-year terms beginning in 2018. David Philbeck, pastor of Walls Baptist Church in Bostic, was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Buddy Freeman through 2019.
    Convention officers also recognized several board members whose terms were expiring at the end of 2017. They included Sandy Baird, LeRoy Burke, Donald Cline, David Duarte, Dale Hendricks, Tiffany McGill, Dougald McLaurin, Mike Moore, Ruth Murray, Ed Rose, Mitchell Shields, David Spray and Chris Webb.

    Nominations for individuals to serve on the BSC board of directors, committees, or on the boards of the convention’s institutions and agencies may be submitted at

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