Board approves $30.5M budget proposal
    October 1 2019 by Chad Austin, BSC Communications

    The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s (BSC) board of directors unanimously approved a budget proposal totaling $30.5 million for 2020 during its regularly scheduled meeting held Sept. 23-24, at Caraway Conference Center near Asheboro.

    The proposal will now go before church messengers for final consideration during this year’s BSC annual meeting to be held in Greensboro on Nov. 11-12.
    The proposal calls for a 0.5 percent increase in the percentage allocation to missions and ministries of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) through the Cooperative Program (CP), bringing the state convention’s SBC allocation to 42 percent of the budget. If approved, this would mark the 14th consecutive year that N.C. Baptists have increased the allocation to the SBC.
    The proposal also reflects an overall reduction of $500,000 from the current 2019 budget of $31 million.
    While noting that every ministry area would share in the absorption of the overall budget reduction, budget committee Chairman Rick Speas noted that the committee sought to propose a budget that reflected “prudent stewardship.”
    “We want to be realistic in our budgeting, and so we believe that a reduction to the overall budget is prudent stewardship for us,” Speas said.
    In a financial report to the board, John Butler, executive leader for the BSC’s Business Services Group, noted that CP giving was about 8.6 percent behind budget through the end of August.
    While giving is up about 3 percent through the same time period as last year, total CP receipts for 2019 are projected to be in the $30 million range, which is about $1 million below this year’s budget.
    Based on those and other giving trends, Butler called the 2020 budget proposal “challenging but realistic.”
    The board also approved a 2020 “challenge budget” and giving goal for the 2020 North Carolina Missions Offering (NCMO).
    The challenge budget stipulates how funds received in excess of the 2020 budget would be allocated.
    According to the measure, 50 percent would be allocated to the SBC, 25 percent to institutions and agencies of the Baptist state convention, and 25 percent to state convention ministry groups. The NCMO goal for 2020 was set at $2.1 million. NCMO is the annual offering that supports the numerous ministries of North Carolina Baptists on Mission (NCBM), church planting and the mission camps operated by NCBM.
    The challenge budget and the NCMO goal will also go before messengers at the annual meeting this November for final consideration.
    (EDITOR’S NOTE – Chad Austin is the editor of the communications team for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.)

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