BR alerts messengers to publishing schedule
    September 23 2008 by Norman Jameson, BR Editor

    With the annual session of the Baptist State Convention fast approaching, this is to remind you that certain nominations, resolutions and notifications are required in the Baptist State Convention Articles and Bylaws to be published in the Biblical Recorder once or sometimes twice before messengers gather to consider them in annual session.

    This issue of the Biblical Recorder is dated Sept. 27. Just three more issues will be published before the annual session, which is at the Coliseum Annex in Greensboro Nov. 10-12. Remember, the session had been scheduled at the new Raleigh Convention Center but was changed by messenger vote last year.

    The date of the next three issues will be Oct. 11, Oct. 25 and Nov. 8. We will have copies of the Nov. 8 issue at the Convention for a last minute look by messengers. We also will be producing a Convention special edition specifically for Convention participants.

    While we have produced an extra issue during this period in the past few years, our budget forbids that this year, so there will be no Nov. 1 issue as had been anticipated.

    Significant revisions of the BSC Articles and Bylaws will be printed in two issues before the Convention. Look for them and familiarize yourself with them so you can be an informed messenger.

    Trish Turner of Wilkesboro Baptist Church is chair of the Resolutions Committee. Resolutions must be submitted to her in writing before the Convention. Fax your resolution to her at (919) 469-1674 or e-mail


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