Bulletin: Sandy Ridge pastor found dead
    September 27 2009 by Norman Jameson, BR Editor


    David Treadway, pastor of the fast growing Sandy Ridge Baptist Church in Hickory, was found dead in his car Sunday morning by his wife as she was leaving to go to church.

    Although Hickory police are investigating, a note Treadway left indicates he died by his own hand.

    Several months ago Treadway, 42, pastor at Sandy Ridge since October 2004, told the congregation he was under doctor’s care for depression. An early statement Sunday from church leadership said their pastor had “succumbed to the disease of depression.”

    Treadway was chairman of the Baptist State Convention Board of Directors Business Services Committee.

    Catawba Valley Baptist Association Director of Missions Duane Kuykendall met Sunday night with church leadership. He said the 895-member church has undergone “significant growth” during Treadway’s tenure.

    Treadway and his wife, Melissa, have two children, Lindsey, 19, and Landon, 16.

    The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 29 at the church.

    A post on the church web site Sunday night by a staff pastor, Rodney Poe, asked prayers for the church family.

    9/27/2009 1:34:00 PM by Norman Jameson, BR Editor | with 49 comments

Landon Treadway
Thank you everyone I have never seen this before and just wanted to thank everyone for all the prayers if anybody wants to get ahold of me my email is ltreadway313@gmail.com
8/23/2018 11:16:02 PM

Rev. Robert Douglas, Executive Director, National POLICE Suicide Foundation, Inc.
Dear Melissa, On behalf of my wife Carolyn and I, our prayers go out to you and your children and family. I am a Pastor of a church in Pasadena, Maryland (Jenkins Memorial Church 133 Riviera Dr. Pasadena, Maryland 21122) I will retired in December 2009 after 24 years of servicing my Lord Jesus Christ and our church families. I retired in 1994 from the Baltimore City Police Department completing 25 years of service to the communities of Baltimore City. In 1985 I lost a dear friend to Police Suicide and his dead really impacted me and hundreds of fellow Officers on our Agency. I found and so will you that the lost of your dear husband not only will emotionally impact your family, but the church he pastored at is at this time suffering in many different emotional ways. What I found back in 1985 with my agency(BPD) we never spoke about the issue and in many ways tried to forget that it even happened. That was a MISTAKE! Not long after his suicide we starting to experience officers displaying risky behavior!(placing themselves in harms way). Before the year was out, we had another police officer commit suicide. I realize that a church is not a district house for police officers, but I personally feel as a pastor and a former police officer, that both groups could be considered "emergency responders." We both strive to serve our communities along with unbelievable needs (emotional, finanical, spiritual, physical). I belonged to a church back in the late 60's (Southern Baptist)in Land O' Lakes, Florida. My wife and loved our pastor and his family very much. One day we were told that he had killed his wife and son and tried to kill himself, but lived. That was the last time anyone talked or discuss his actions. That did not meet the emotional needs of our congregation. In Law Enforcement for hundreds of years we have lost officers to suicide, but we never talk about the issue of suicide and what causes it! Most importantly we were never taught about the "signs" that are displayed when someone is thinking about killing themselves. I believe this is also true in churches throughout this country of ours. That is a very serious mistake! The more we understand the issues of suicide and what will cause it, the greater our emotional health! I realize you have a great deal on your plate emotionally right now, but someday you may want to talk with me about this issue and maybe in God perfect timing we can talk about the issues of suicide as church family. I am a national speaker on this issue of Police Suicide Prevention and I feel that Suicide Awareness Training for Pastor's and their Church may someday be a reality. If you need to speak with me personally please call my cell (443-889-5666). Robert Douglas
10/27/2009 5:08:45 PM

Alice McGinley
Dear Melissa, Lindsey and Landon,
I do not belong to your church or even live in your community. Someone e-mailed the notice of David's passing, I suppose because I have founded a support group in Charlotte for families and friends who have lost a loved one to suicide. I did this after we lost our son to suicide in 2001. I am so sorry for your loss, there are just no words that I can give you to make this journey you are on easier right now. Grief from suicide is complicated and it takes time and seems to be a more deliberate process that other types of grief. Please know that it will not always hurt the way it does today. I am grateful that you are among people who love you and knew David and loved him as well. Many times it is not so much that our loved ones want to leave this world so much as they want to escape their pain. It is not about leaving us, for if the love they have for us or our love for them could have healed their pain they would still be here. It can be about losing hope for emotional resolution/peace. In the days to come as the three of you adjust to your "new normal" please try to remember that each of you will grieve differently. Be gentle with yourselves and with each other. Trust that David is with his God, healing from the pain he was in here on earth. Believe that he is with you always , in spirit and in love.
Many Blessings
10/18/2009 10:54:37 PM

Gene Scarborough
AMEN Jim---we all weep when tragedy is beyond explaination. I think that is when God understands a faith deeper than words can express!

Thank you for sharing from your broken heart because--only those who have been there can begin to understand the mystery.
10/7/2009 9:03:15 AM

Dr. James Willingham
Having suffered through a murder-suicide tragedy in my family in 1972, I can feel for the family in their loss. On Oct.29, 1972 I received a call from the Gum Springs Baptist Church of Moncure, NC, to be their pastor. That night I told my mother the happy news. My last words to her were: "I love you, Mom." Her last words to me were: "I love you, too, Jim." The next morning my brother-in-law (now a DOM with the NAMB in a Western Pioneer area) called to tell me that my mother, step-father, and two half-sisters were all dead.Later, I found out that according to the police, our step-father had killed them, set the house afire, and then killed himself. Our (my sister and I) mother's brothers were upset that we buried them all together, but we felt our step-father was evidently deranged as we knew he loved his daughters dearly. No one can explain things like that. I can say that I had a preparation for it. About 3-4 weeks before the event, I awoke one morning and the Lord was present in our seminary apt. His presence there was more real than if He had been there physically. For a half hr. I cried tears of joy just like the night I was converted in 1957. During that week during the trip to St.Louis, the funeral, and the return. It felt like someone was standing at my shoulder, so real I would actually turn to see who it was. Some time in the Spring of of 1973, I dreamt that I was standing with my wife in a group around the Lord Jesus (he was a mere youth with no beard and a white robe), and we were telling Him about such tragedies. He then told us how He viewed them. While I have no idea what He said, we were laughing a happy laugher like we had heard the only thing that could ever make such things right. During that awful time, we had multitudes praying for us, from the faculty and administration of SEBTS to students and their student pastorates as well as churches in perhaps four or five states. Gum Springs Church was a great blessing then and in the years that followed.

No one can explain such tragedies. Sometimes depression and despair can result from a chemical imbalance in the brain. There is reason to believe that such happened to one of the famous poets and hymn writers in our Baptist Hymnal, William Cowper. His hymn, God Moves in A Mysterious Way His Wonders to Perform, was written after experiencing the awful temptation to commit suicide. Having been a Licensed Professonal Counselor, I have to say that one must look at all the factors possible and leave the judging to the Lord. He is Good and will do no wrong, and Just and will make no mistakes. We do know that He went to excess in one area, namely, that of love; His death on the cross is love carried to the utmost exremity. Having been an atheist whose justification was found in the question (How could there be a God and let little children suffer?), I found that the question completely left me when the Lord first appeared to me in my coversion in 1957. Job's questions also left him, when the Lord spoke. That has struck me as profound. What happened about Job's questions? What happened about my questions? They never came into my mind, when I saw Jesus knocking like at a door with my eyes wide open, when I said there was no God. That person, Jesus of Nazareth is who I identify as God and who I believe was with me during that awful week in '72. He surely was the Presence with me in our seminary apt., an invisible presence more real than if He had een there in the flesh, and it was joy, such joy that it cannot be described. No wonder C.S. Lewis entitled his account of his conversion, Surprised by Joy. My conversion involved such as did that visitation before the tragedy. It also described the feeling of that presence at my shoulder during that week. My prayer for our friends in their agony is that God would grant you the sense of His presence which is better than anything I could say or do, for His Presence is a healing, transforming Presence, a reward in itself incomparably greater than anything this world has to offer at any time. And one day the world, too, shall be filled with His knowledge and glory as the waters cover the sea.
10/6/2009 10:12:52 PM

Gene Scarborough
Why cannot we take this same route of compassion with one another in the NCBSC these days: No judgementalism / total care and compassion / forgiveness???

I rejoice in the support and empathy being shown. I continue to add mine daily for his wife and children. As I have ministered to suicide families they always ask, "Am I going to end up the same way?"

The answer is "NO." This is an individual decision made when there could have been better alternatives--had he shared his torture of soul with others.

"What could I have done to make the outcome better?"
"NOTHING" because no one was really given a chance to know.

God knows the hurts and He takes care of things we cannot resolve--this I believe with all my heart and soul! Just trust God that all things work for good to those of faith.
10/2/2009 8:30:03 AM

nursing job
I pray he rest in the bosom of the Lord. And the Lord should comfort is relation. I know what is like to miss someone very dear to you.
10/2/2009 5:39:14 AM

Pam and Steve Kurfees
Melissa, Lindsey, and Landon,
Our hearts break with you, you are in our thoughts and prayers. I remember the night you came to dinner at our house and how tickled we got at David's response with every bite he took. He always had a way to make us smile. Hold tight to all those memories that made you smile. Rest in the peace that He is not battling in silence anymore, May God hold you tight during this difficult time, please know you have many prayer warriors holding you up.
In our prayers,
Pam & Steve Kurfees
10/1/2009 8:19:11 PM

Candace Hulsey
Working with compassionate friends and survivors of suicide victims I have included a very fitting eulogy written by Norman Vincent Peale. I hope the family will find some comfort and peace in the words. Depression is an illness just as sure as cancer or heart disease and it is my prayer that this wonderful man will be remembered by the life that he lived.

Our friend died on his own battlefield.
He was killed in action fighting a civil war.
He fought against adversaries that were as real to him
as his casket is real to us.
They were powerful adversaries.
They took toll of his energies and endurance.
They exhausted the last vestiges of his courage and his strength.
At last these adversaries overwhelmed him.
We shall remember not his death, but his daily victories.
We shall remember not his last day of defeat,
but we shall remember the many days
that he was victorious over overwhelming odds.
We shall remember not the years we thought he had left,
but the intensity with which he lived the years that he had.
Only God knows what this child of His suffered
in the silent skirmishes that took place in his soul.
But our consolation is that God does know,
and understands.
Norman Vincent Peale
9/30/2009 11:17:40 AM

Gene Scarborough
No one knows the hurt and pain of this kind of loss unless they have been there. All simple answers and speculations are inadequate. Our God knows and understands us. Sometimes, the mind craves peace more than life--and God understands that too.

The saddest thing about all this is our refusal to admit there are some people who just don't share their pain with others. Sometimes they give so much there is nothing left to sustain themselves---and sadly do not reach out for human love and help.

Our only plus in this is to renew our efforts to see beneath the surface of fake smiles, and stop to help them cry. My heart breaks with you.
9/30/2009 10:14:57 AM

Todd L. Brady
I've known David for the past four years on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. He always shared a good word with us, gave great insight in our decision making, and made a great impact in his service here. May the God of ALL comfort be with Melissa, Lindsey, Landon, and your extended family and church family. We have met today at Caraway for the Board of Directors meeting, in fact, I'm looking at David's empty chair with an arrangement of flowers at his seat. My heart is moved and I have wept today for you. May God in all his strength, power, love and mercy show Himself strong on your behalf.
9/29/2009 8:31:44 PM

Carol Hutchins
God, the giver of life and the Father who sustains us when we feel we can't go on, will pick you up and carry you. His mercy is great and His tenderness can heal the broken hearted. He is your rock and your foundation.He is your protector,provider and all that you need. He is who He says He is, does what He says He will do and will be with you till the end. You never walk alone, for He is your friend.
My prayer is that while you rest in His care, may you as a family, feel the strength of God's wonderful power and love surround you and give you comfort that only He can give.
Carol Hutchins
9/29/2009 6:07:42 PM

nursing job
I am really sorry about the death of David. Even though I don’t know him, but for the fact that he his pastor, I have great respect for him. I pray God comforts his children and wife
9/29/2009 5:40:37 PM

Joshua Crisp
Is someone going to the kids about this? A lot of people can't imagine what it's like to lose their family, but both Landon and Lindsey now know. Someone needs to go to comfort them. They're feeling an immense loss right now from one of their heroes and they need some guidance. Pray for them strongly please.
9/29/2009 4:57:20 PM

patty beigay
To the Treadway family and church family,
I was saddened to hear the passing of your Pastor, Husband and Father. Be encouraged there are many in our Comunity lifting you up in prayer for comfort and strength that our God equipps us to reach out with His love may you feeel His love touches through this pain.we will continue to help in ways the Lord directs our steps. God keep you in His care. a friend who cares deeply for brothers and sisters in Christ.
Patty Beigay, Newton NC
9/29/2009 2:14:31 PM

Dennis Conner
I did not know David and am not personally familiar with Sandy Ridge Church, but my heart aches for his family and the church family. I pray God's mercy will be more real and effective than they have ever known or needed.
9/29/2009 1:25:11 PM

Bill Little
David was a friend and fellow Pastor of the Gospel and a brother in the Lord. I served with him at Antioch for a few short months in 2003-2004. We went on a mission trip to AK together and had some great times. This is not the time to second guess anything, but a time to reach out to his loving family and minister the grace of Jesus. Melissa, I don't know if you willread this or if someone will pass it on but Becky and I both are here to serve you. If there is anything we can do - name it and we'll be there within the hour. 704-798-9090 or 704-633-7338
9/29/2009 12:19:42 PM

David Derry
The members of True Life Community Church in Canal Fulton, Ohio continue joining with my wife and I in prayer for the SRBC family and the Treadway family. SRBC has partnered with us in our church plant in NE Ohio for the past few years and their staff and members have meant the world to us. Like everyone else, we were shocked when we received the call about Dr. Treadway. Being in ministry myself for over 15 years, I know what it's like to go through depression and burnout. And as sad as it is, I also know that it can be difficult to find the resources to get help. Thankfully when we were desperate for some time away and counseling about 18 months ago and could not find others who were willing and able to help, the president of the SBC personally came to our aid. It totally blew us away. He gave us the money to help us get the help we needed and we are eternally grateful to Him for it. While we can't ever get Dr. Treadway back, let's make sure that reach out and help other pastors who are suffering from depression. What happened is a tragedy and is no one's fault, but if we can help save a life by reaching out, I think God would be glorified in it. We're so glad that we finally found someone who would help us...although it was sad that others did not help sooner.
9/29/2009 11:31:01 AM

Paula Janes
My heart aches and tears are flowing this morning as I reminisce when David was part of Mud Creek and Carolina Bapist Association. There is a longing to turn back time and capture the moments of David's sadness and in some sense try to figure it out and get him to change his mind. He was such a wonderful person and (we think) there should have been many years left for him. Although, I know God's plan is perfect it is still hard for us humans to understand. Knowing he is resting in the Savior's arms and he has no more sadness and tears gives us comfort. My utmost prayer is for Melissa and the children to feel God's comfort and peace in the days ahead.
9/29/2009 10:53:44 AM

George Garriques & Family
Anytime a servant of God leaves us it's a sad day yet we have to rejoice when a saint dies and cry when a child is born. Our prayers are for the comfort of the family left behind that the Lord will send his Holy Spirit to comfort them each and every moment. Please keep praying
9/29/2009 9:35:44 AM

This tragedy did not have to happen. The problem isn't that the world has lost a great man. The problem is that had he not taken anti-depressants unwittingly, it probably never would have happened. I'm assuming he did based on his earlier admission that he was under the care of a physician for depression. The church needs to wake-up to the reality that depression medicines are killing people. Out of the last 12 years my wife has been a nurse in an ER unit, 100 percent of suicide cases were of people taking anti-depressants. Let our people think. If the medicines were helping people, then people committing suicide would be the ones not taking the medicines. The family needs to realize that their father would've never done what he did in a million years were it not for the medicines. God bless this beloved family and his wonderful church and I'm praying for them all.
9/29/2009 8:26:16 AM

The Yorks
My heart breaks for this family as I read about this dear Pastor's passing. I do not know this family on a personal bases. But I do know our heavenly father. May you abide under the shawdow of the almighty as God brings comfort and restoration to your hearts and souls. May God bless you tremendously in knowin that people all over the world is spraying for your family.
9/29/2009 7:28:10 AM

Melinda Mullis, SRBC
Melissa, Lindsey, and Landon,

My families prayers are with you and all of David's family. You could see the love he had for his family and for GOD! It is hard to explain the impact he has made on so many lives. His sermons always made an impression on me whether it was something I wanted to or not. He always had the right words and was so respected.My families prayer is that you find comfort in God's steadfast love and may you feel God's arms hold you and comfort you today, tomorrow, and forever!

My family will forever cherish the gifts David gave to so many. Our prayers are also with our church family to hold to God's comfort and grace.
9/29/2009 2:43:34 AM

Melissa, Lindsey and Landon,

Our hearts were broken when we heard the news about David. We fondly remember your
years at Mud Creek. David was always so proud of you. He spoke of you with a big
smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. He took such pride in his job as a
minister. He was always determined to do his job well, and he did. David's faith
has now become sight, and he is wrapped in the loving arms of our heavenly father.
May God give you the comfort and peace than only he can give.

With Love and Prayers,

Rex and Deitra Jones
9/28/2009 11:44:07 PM

The Guffey's
Melissa, Lindsey & Landon,

Our prayers are with you as you go through this difficult time. David was one of the main reasons we enjoyed our time at Mud Creek. He had the ability to preach God's Word like none other. We were blessed just knowing the Treadway family. David will be missed. Again, we are sorry for your loss.

In Christ Love,

Todd and Stephanie Guffey
9/28/2009 9:43:38 PM

Cindi & Slade McFadden
Melissa, Lindsey & Landon, our prayers are with you as you experience this great loss. I hope that it comforts you to know that David was an encouragement to us, as well as many others. He was always so kind with a smile on his face. He will be greatly missed.
9/28/2009 8:32:07 PM

Tim and Jennifer Goode
Melissa, Lindsey, and Landon, Our hearts ache deeply with you as you grieve the loss of your husband and father. David was an inspiration to us all and he had a heart of gold. We will always remember his smile and quiet laugh but more than anything his willingness to lend a helping hand to anyone in need! We still get tickled about the time Trey took off on the dirt bike and couldnt stop! David laughed so hard! He will be missed by many and our prayers are with you and the members of Sandy Ridge. In his love, Tim and Jennifer Goode
9/28/2009 6:35:05 PM

J. Ronald Hesdter
Having served with David on the Business Services Committee and the Board of Directors I found him to be a person of great wisdom and insight. He will be sorely missed accross this state. I am praying for the family and for the church during this time. I am thankful to have been able to know him.
9/28/2009 6:12:52 PM

Phyllis Foy
David Treadway was without a doubt one of the finest young men we have ever known. David made being an officer of the Baptist State Convention fun! He always had that sweet smile and an awesome prayer for you before we did anything on the program.
We are praying for his family and for his church family. He will be missed by everyone that knows him. We pray for God to give you peace and comfort during these days. We are so very sorry.

Phyllis and Bob Foy
9/28/2009 4:33:10 PM

sandy beck
David was a great friend and supporter of Carolina Baptist Association. Each time we met in meetings across the state, I felt like he was still one one of mine. I will miss his friendly smile and his warm words of encouragement.
Our pastors had a special season of prayer for the Treadway family this morning. We will be lifting his family in prayer the coming days and weeks.
9/28/2009 4:29:34 PM

Gray Frady
To the Treadway Family,

The NC Baptist Minister's Wives organization sends their deepest condolences to you as you grieve the loss of husband, father, son, brother in Christ. May the peace of our loving Lord Jesus pass all understanding. May you feel His loving arms wrapped around you and grace beyond all measure sustain you.

In Him,

Gray Frady, NCBMW President
9/28/2009 4:25:30 PM

Chuck Parrott
My prayers are with the Treadway family. My heart has ached for you since hearing the news of David's passing. I recall David bringing Lindsey to Biology class @ NGC in the summer of '94, and seeing the pride of a father showing off his daughter, and hearing David talk about Landon on those long rides we used to take together to Louisville.

Today has been filled with the memories of going to ATL with David to buy suits, the numerous times we ate out together during school days, the laughs we shared and the many good times spent in Christian fellowship, along with the stories of the Treadway family vacations, cruises, anniversary rings, etc. David was a great friend to the Parrott family, and he will be sorely missed. The words of my Facebook status ring so very true: "Chuck Parrott is reflecting upon the words of David: "I am distressed for you my brother...You have been very pleasant to me." II Sam. 1:26."

May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding keep a watch on your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Chuck Parrott
Phil. 1:3
9/28/2009 3:50:28 PM

Jerry C White
I remember David as a student at Fruitland. I had watched him grow and God used him tremendously. Our relationship was no longer teacher-student but fellow pastor & friend. David had been an encouragement to me in a time when I needed it. He was so gracious, Melissa, Lindsey and Landon, my prayers are with you in these very difficult days. I wish I had words to express my feelings.May God show His precious love in these troubling times.
9/28/2009 3:36:26 PM

James Horton
David was was more than a brother in Christ, he was a friend. I was unaware of his inner struggle. My heart sank in my chest when I received the news. David was a faithful pastor and a servant to all NC Baptist through denomination service. It was an honor and privilege to serve along side David. It was a blessing to know him. May the Lord cover his wife and children, and his church family with immeasurable grace. My prayers are ceaseless for all of them.
9/28/2009 3:02:15 PM

Donna Gibbs
I really have no words to describe the heartache I feel in the knowledge of David's death. David was instrumental in the developing of a counseling program at Mud Creek Baptist Church. He joined me in passionately pressing forward in this new venue of ministry. I remember fondly his laughter and smiles, as well as his transparency in times of struggle. Melissa, Lindsey and Landon - I will be praying fervently for your strength. Sandy Ridge Baptist, I will be praying for your comfort and courage to press on.
Donna Gibbs
Director - A Clear Word Counseling Center, Mud Creek Baptist Church
9/28/2009 3:01:53 PM

Mark Hunnicutt
David was one of the first people to believe in me. He constantly led me to bring more glory to God and growth to His Kingdom. He was a great leader and encourager in my life. I loved him and he will be missed by my family, the Fruitland family, the Mud Creek Baptist Church family & the NCSBC. Our prayer are with Melissa, Lindsey and Landon and the rest of David’s immediate family. We also reach out and up in our support, encouragement and prayers to the great Sandy Ridge Baptist Church.

Mark Hunnicutt
Pastor of Ministries - Mud Creek Baptist Church
9/28/2009 2:09:52 PM

Ron Cava
I did not know David and cannot begin to imagine the pain and trauma being felt by his family and the congregation. I offer my condolences and prayers. The people of FBC will be praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Hickory.
9/28/2009 12:57:09 PM

Ronnie McAbee
Melissa, Lindsey, Landon,
I am very saddened to hear of the death of David. I became friends with David when Earlene and I came to Mud Creek in 1995. David and I worked hand and hand in the renovation and lighting of the two parking lots. David helped me so much and gave me such great encourgement as I talked with him about the time I spent in Vietnam and the problems that I still faced with that. He gave me many scriptures to refer to. And I so loved his compassion and love for the Lord and looked forward to the times he preached. May God richley bless you in this time os loss and sorrow.
With love in Christ,
Ronnie & Earlene McAbee
9/28/2009 12:44:34 PM

Neal Eller
To the Family and Church Family - In these very difficult time, I pray the peace of Christ will be fall upon you through the love and prayers of the body of Christ called North Carolina Baptist and beyond. I always loved being around David and he was a great encourager to me. My prayer for you comes from the 3rd stanza of the great hymn, "Great Is Thy Faithfulness." I pray that you will find, "strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow."
9/28/2009 11:33:18 AM

Ed Yount
David was a dear friend to many and all of us are deeply saddened by his death. He was a leader in our local association and in our state convention. He will be sorely missed. The heartfelt prayers of our church family are with Melissa, the children, and the Sandy Ridge Baptist family. May the grace and comfort of God sustain you during this difficult time.

Ed Yount
9/28/2009 11:22:53 AM

Clint Scott
David touched my life greatly and will be missed by everyone that knew him. Our prayers are with the Treadway family as they continue to seek comfort and understanding from our Lord. Everyone in NC Baptist life was blessed by his life and his contributions to the cause of Christ!
9/28/2009 10:44:41 AM

Hal Freeman
David was a student of mine while I taught at North Greenville College. I couldn't have asked for a better student. And better young man. I think he took my classes for every semester he was there, and I came to appreciate him so much. I deeply regret his passing. Please know of our prayers for the family.
9/28/2009 10:42:03 AM

Krista Cathey
Melissa, Lindsey and Landon,
I am so saddened to hear of David's death. We will be praying for your comfort in such a hard time. Melissa and I were friends and running buddies back in Hendersonville, NC. I thought the world of their family. David was a great husband and father. My heart aches for you.
9/28/2009 9:44:55 AM

David Horton
David Treadway made a strong positive impact on all those who knew him. That was certainly true of Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute. In his years at Fruitland David was in a number of roles; he was a graduate of FBBI, a former member of the Fruitland Board, and was a former professor. David will be missed greatly by all of us at Fruitland. The Fruitland family will be much in prayer for Melissa, Lindsey, Landon and all the congregation at Sandy Ridge.
9/28/2009 9:33:55 AM

Patrick Jean
Five of us from my church, New Life Baptist in Conover, left our Sunday night prayer service to lay hands on SRBC, and pray for Rev. Treadway's family and congregation. But to me, it doesn't feel like nearly enough. I remain in prayer today, and gladly volunteer in whatever way I can to help Rev. Treadway's family and congregation move forward.
9/28/2009 9:10:18 AM

Linda Hudson
To Melissa, Lindsey and Landon:

Your husband and dad was a wonderful person. When he was with us at Baptist State Convention, he was always the first to speak and to have a big smile on his face. We did not know of this depression; but in the midst of his hurt, he offered friendship to others. May God wrap His arms around you and give you His comfort. You will be in our prayers. It was a privilege for me to have known David.
9/28/2009 9:01:36 AM

Carrie Bowen
The Treadway Family as well as the Sandy Ridge Baptist Church family are in our prayers.
We pray for you during this difficult time. We were going to be "guests" on Sunday, the 27th and were shocked to hear the news. We will be visiting Sandy Ridge again in the next few weeks.
9/28/2009 7:38:43 AM

Patrick Fuller
Our church family is praying for this precious and grief stricken family during this dark time. May God's comfort surround them as well as their church family. Lord, help us to reach out to fellow pastors who may be hurting.
9/27/2009 11:29:53 PM

Allan Blume
I am very saddened by David's death. He was always such a gracious, positive friend and servant. His contributions to NC Baptist life through his service on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee were always appreciated. I will miss his powerful smile and winsome spirit. We don't often know the depths of pain in the soul of those around us.
9/27/2009 9:25:12 PM

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