CBF leader sets retirement in 2012
    September 15 2011 by press reports

    Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) Executive Coordinator Daniel Vestal announced his retirement at a recent CBF advisory council meeting.

    With a retirement date effective June 30, 2012, Vestal has been the leader for CBF since 1996 when he replaced founding coordinator Cecil Sherman.

    Vestal asked officers to appoint a search committee. He said he would leave sooner if the committee can find a replacement. The advisory council meets and acts on behalf of the CBF governing body, the Coordinating Council, between meetings. The Coordinating Council is scheduled to meet Oct. 19-21 in Atlanta. Vestal bid for the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1990 but was defeated. After that Vestal convened a meeting of disenfranchised moderates that led to formation of the CBF a year later. A Texas native, Vestal pastored two churches in Texas and another in Georgia.

    “One reason I have great hope for the future of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is because of the quality and character of present and emerging leadership,” Vestal said. “CBF is blessed with a host of Baptist Christians who believe in our vision and values. Thanks be to God.”
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