CP ‘beginning of a new day’
    September 29 2011 by Tim Yarbrough, Baptist Press

    “Southern Baptists in World Service,” a booklet written by E.P. Alldredge for the Sunday School Board in 1936, aptly captured the essence of the Cooperative Program (CP) started by Southern Baptists in 1925. It stated simply, “(It’s) the beginning of a new day in Southern Baptist life and work.”

    The foresight and wisdom of Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leaders to establish a coordinated giving plan for all churches has resulted in literally millions of lost souls around the world professing Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior since 1925, and its impact continues to resonate greatly. In 2004, Henry Blackaby captured the sentiments of many when he said, “The Cooperative Program is not something men designed but something God put together.”

    When a church gives a portion of its receipts through the CP, its gospel reach expands exponentially across its community, state, nation and world.

    M.E. Dodd, considered the father of the Cooperative Program, wrote about it in a tract entitled “Why I Like the Baptist Cooperative Program.” He listed seven “special advantages” of the unified giving plan:
    • It enables me to carry out my part of Christ’s program of service.
    • The Cooperative Program enables me to have a part in all that is being done.
    • The Cooperative Program enables me to have some part in the whole work of Christ each and every week of the year.
    • This Cooperative Program enables me to do all that needs to be done because it includes every sort of service to every sort of somebody that any sort of anybody may wish to render. (It is the only program in the world that is all-inclusive to every human need.)
    • This Cooperative Program enables me to carry out God’s financial program for His Kingdom.
    • This Baptist Cooperative Program fixes the support of Christ’s causes as a permanent principle in life and does not leave them to temporary emotional appeal.
    • The CP does not leave the causes of Christ to become the victims of temporary weather conditions, depressions in business or other hindered causes.
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