Seven-night S.C. revival meeting turns into 7 weeks
    September 26 2011 by S.C. Baptist Courier

    Second Church in Great Falls began its annual seven-day revival June 26. Forty-nine days later, on Aug. 14, the meetings finally ended, but only so the church could get on with the business of discipling 50 new Christians who made professions of faith during the revival, said Pastor Zack Williams.

    “The daily meetings have stopped, but the revival continues,” Williams told the S.C. Baptist Courier. “The spirit of God is moving all over Great Falls.”

    Every evening during the seven weeks, members of Second Church and other community believers met for a time of worship, dispersed, and then came back to the church for a midnight prayer time that typically lasted another hour and a half. “This is an absolute work of God,” Williams said. “We just sit back and let (God) work and are glorifying the name of his Son, Jesus. It has been amazing.”

    Williams, who began his ministry at Second Church April 17, is quick to point out that the revival hasn’t been the work of one man — or one church.

    Patrick Blackmon is the pastor of Trinity Church, which is located about a mile down the road. Blackmon began praying with Williams for the revival before it began, was at all of the worship and midnight prayer meetings, and even cancelled Wednesday and Sunday night services so church members could participate.

    “I am privileged to be a part of this experience. It has been unfathomable,” Blackmon said. “This was birthed through midnight prayer on our knees and calling out to God, and He has responded in and through this revival. I never dreamed it would have ever taken place in Great Falls. It is exciting to watch the hand of God at work.”

    Williams tells of a man who hadn’t set foot inside a church since 1953 but became a Christian July 30.

    “Another man’s family prayed for him to be saved. He became a believer and has been at the church every night since praying for other family members to be saved,” Williams said. That man is Charles Dickson, an injured military veteran. Dickson still struggles after having had brain and reconstructive surgeries for injuries he sustained during deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Dickson said he knew about God and prayed for his family while he was deployed, but he had never experienced Christ. He described himself as a man full of anger.

    His wife and three children told Dickson about the revival services, and, in late July, he agreed to go. “It was unreal, the church was packed, and I could tell something was different there,” he said. Dickson’s injuries sometimes affect his short-term memory, but he is quick to recall what happened to him July 30. He went to Williams’ house to share some prayer requests, and ended up praying to receive Christ. “I’ve never known peace and contentment like this in my life,” he said. “If I’d known it would be like this, I would have done it a long time ago.”

    Ted Hughes, director of missions for Chester Association, said he is thrilled.

    “It’s been phenomenal to see the number of adults who are making professions of faith,” he said. “Both Zack and Patrick are sensitive to the Spirit. I am so excited and hope this will impact our entire association.”

    Williams said prayer has fueled everything, and God is hearing the prayers of his people. “Great Falls is hungry for the Lord,” he said. “We are a former mill town and have a lot of poverty, drugs and addictions. The people are hungry for hope. Jesus is hope, and we are presenting Jesus to the community. They are responding, and their lives are being changed by the gospel.”

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