N.C. missions offering prepares the way
    September 20 2016 by Emily Rojas, BSC Communications

    For almost a year now, North Carolina Baptists on Mission, also known as N.C. Baptist Men (NCBM) has been conducting a mission in South Carolina in response to the devastating floods that swept the area in early October 2015.

    NCBM Photo

    Since October, a team of NCBM volunteers has been diligently working to rebuild and clean up homes, as well as prepare meals, provide showers and do loads of laundry in an effort to serve and assist the victims of the floods in the affected areas.
    At first, the teams responded to cleanup efforts, as those needs were the most immediate. However, in January 2016, the rebuild efforts began when a rebuild site opened in the Johnsonville/Hemingway area of South Carolina.
    Betsy Humphries, whose home in South Carolina was damaged by the floods, said she lost one-third of her belongings when the floods came. “I could never, never, if I live to be a 1,000, repay all those who have been a part of the repairs and fixing this for me,” she said. “I don’t have words to say.”
    This disaster relief ministry is possible because of the North Carolina Missions Offering (NCMO) – 41 percent of the funds received in the offering go toward NCBM. NCBM is funded almost entirely by the NCMO, and its mission is to share God’s love with hurting people through word and deed.

    Recently, NCBM has also done disaster relief work in West Virginia and Louisiana after torrential floods also affected parts of those states. Relief teams have been working in West Virginia since June, and NCBM teams recently began work in Louisiana in late August. In both states, NCBM volunteers are showing God’s love to people though fixing their homes, cleaning up their communities and providing them with showers and food.
    “I see this rebuild as one of our biggest ministry tools,” said Bill Martin, NCBM’s on-site coordinator in South Carolina. “Many times, it opens the door to share why you’re here. This is an opportunity for your church to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

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