Top five editorials in 2018
    January 7 2019 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor

    What stories interest the Biblical Recorder’s readers? There is no reliable way to measure the answer to that question for those who read our content in print. But we can easily measure the interests of our loyal website guests at
    On pages 8-9 of the Jan. 12, 2019 print issue, we list the website content that received the most web traffic in 2018. This is helpful to our staff as we gauge your interests and concerns. We hope you find the lists interesting.
    My most read editorials last year and the related posting dates are:
    1. Are we teachable? (May 1)
    2. Are you communicating? (Aug 21)
    3. Revival, judgement and the SBC mess (May 29)
    4. Voting is important (Oct. 1)
    5. My next chapter (Oct. 15)
    The last editorial tracked for less than three months. Based on the number of readers it garnered in that short period, given a longer time-frame, it could have outpaced the other posts.
    Obviously, the post was about my pending retirement as editor of the Biblical Recorder. I appreciate your interest. I’m also very grateful for the support many pastors, churches and church leaders have given to me personally and to the ministry of the Recorder.
    With less than five months before I step down, my aim is to leave the Biblical Recorder with as much potential for success as possible. But, I cannot do this alone. I need your help.
    Our mission is to serve all Baptists in North Carolina and beyond. We are not good stewards of the resources entrusted to us if we serve only one segment of our Baptist audience. Therefore, the Recorder serves those who are engaged with digital media and those who are not.
    The print edition of the Biblical Recorder serves a broad audience. Most of our readers fall in the fastest growing segment of the nation’s population – those who have lived 60 or more years. Print is also growing in its appeal to a younger population group. Those who have experienced digital overload or prefer to limit digital exposure increasingly look to a good book, magazine or newspaper as an enjoyable respite. We want to continue serving these audiences.
    Although the print is profitable, we must increase our readership to sustain a viable publication. Our potential readers are in our Baptist churches, but most do not know about the services we offer and the low cost of an annual subscription.
    Our digital platforms are very popular. BR’s website traffic is regularly among the top state newspaper sites in the Southern Baptist Convention. But, advertising income is not sufficient to sustain the website and our social media platforms. Baptists are not willing to pay for access to a website, and we understand that.
    I am asking you to help us in at least two specific ways.
    First, provide the Biblical Recorder in print to everyone in your church family, or at the very least, to all key leaders. I believe the news and information they receive will ultimately benefit your church, the Great Commission, the Cooperative Program and all of the ministries Baptists support in North Carolina and around the world.
    Second, place the Biblical Recorder in your missions budget or make a one-time gift to this ministry. Many churches met their budget needs in 2018 and ended the year with excess funds. Will your church consider a gift to support our ministry?
    Eight years ago, I was called to serve North Carolina Baptists as your editor. I accepted the challenge of refocusing the message of the Recorder and rebranding our name. Our staff has focused on providing news and information with a biblical worldview that advances the Great Commission and ultimately glorifies our almighty God. We want to continue that focus and serve our Baptist audience faithfully. With your help, we will do that.
    Why should your church members be reading the Biblical Recorder? 

    • To be connected to ministries of sister Baptist churches and partnering associations in the state.

    • To be informed on the work of the Southern Baptist Convention, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and related ministries like the Baptist Children’s Homes, Baptists on Mission, the Baptist Foundation and the Baptist Hospital.

    • To learn about the educational training available through Fruitland Baptist Bible College, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and other equipping organizations.

    • To be inspired by stories about evangelism, missions and community outreach.

    • To recognize how other churches are engaging the culture reaching their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    • Your church members will potentially give more generously as they understand the value of Southern Baptists’ Cooperative Program as well as special offerings including the North Carolina Missions Offering, Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions and the Baptist Children’s Homes Thanksgiving Offering.

    • If your Bible study groups use LifeWay materials, the Recorder provides a weekly summary of LifeWay’s two popular plans: Bible Studies for Life and Explore the Bible.


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