We can’t do it alone
    October 16 2017 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor

    I believe the most profound moment in life is when we discover our limitations and admit we need others. What we thought could be accomplished alone just can’t be done unless others are invited to share the load. The barriers of self-sufficiency crumble, we humble ourself and ask for help.
    This not only describes the open door to personal salvation through Jesus, it also includes every step we take through the discipleship process.
    We can’t save ourselves, so we reach out to the only One who can forgive us of sin and give new life.
    If we are going to grow in Christ, we will never do it alone, so we connect with a local church, a Bible study group and a personal mentor – a “Paul” who will encourage us and hold us accountable for godliness and maturity.
    That process must keep expanding.
    A pastor is tempted to do ministry alone. He may believe that others are too busy or not trained to serve with him. But he must come to the conviction that he can’t lead the church alone. He needs deacons, elders and other church members on the team.
    Breaking the crippling walls of isolation, a leader has to realize the value of others outside the fellowship of the local church and involve them in his Christian growth. Internet sites cannot replace interaction with friends, fellow pastors, directors of missions, state convention leaders and other Christians.
    The Kingdom of God is much larger than any one of us. We need each other.
    Churches also need to arrive at this place of discovery. Every church needs other churches in Kingdom ministry. No church can reach the world alone. That’s why we form associations.
    That’s why state and national conventions exist. Those connections are priceless.
    At some point in the past, churches and church leaders decided they needed partnerships, affiliations and connections with others in the larger body of Christ. They looked for those whose doctrine and mission were close enough to form alliances.
    They connected, shared resources, cooperated and watched their ministries expand beyond the small world of a single church.
    We are a team. We need each other. Self-absorbed, self-sufficient living is a complete contradiction of Christian values. It is a total violation of the holy scriptures we stand upon. The Bible forbids it.
    By choice, please join your team of North Carolina Baptists in Greensboro, Nov. 6-7 so we can grow in Christ together and impact lostness together. We can’t do it alone.
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