Lottie Moon Christmas Offering ideas
    December 1 2015 by Chuck Lawless

    If you are a Southern Baptist reader, you probably know that we’re beginning the season of giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions.
    Even in the midst of difficult transitions, we still need to give to support God’s global work. And even if you’re not a Southern Baptist, maybe these simple ideas will help you think about gifts you might give to missions this year:
    Give to God’s mission the equivalent of the dollars (plus at least one dollar more) that you plan to spend for Christmas presents. Spend on what matters.
    Give 25, 50, or 75 cents, one dollar, or more per unreached people group (~ 6000 groups). Billions still need to hear.
    Give 50 cents, one dollar or more per unengaged, unreached people group (~3000 groups). Help get the gospel to groups for whom there is no current witness.
    Give Lottie Moon Christmas gifts in honor of someone you love. Most of us need little else, and many of our loved ones won’t be offended if they receive no gift; after all, the world needs the gospel.
    Give $25, $50, $100 or more for every year you’ve been a Christian. You’ll still never match what God gave for us.
    Let the Word motivate you to give (see 2 Corinthians 8-9). When we read and hear the Word, we really have no other option but to give.
    Give sacrificially in honor of the one who shared Christ with you. Give because you have been one of the privileged ones to hear.
    Remember your largest gift given to ANY need – then add to that amount. Give more to Lottie Moon than you’ve ever given.
    Give 10 percent of your church’s Lottie Moon goal. If nine others join you, you’ve met the goal. If more than nine join you, praise the Lord!
    Give one penny or more for every new believer baptized through IMB work last year (~193,000). The return will be worth it.
    Train your children to give their allowance to missions this season. The dollars may be few, but the missions DNA you’re developing in the next generation will pay long-term dividends.
    Give to cover the cost of keeping a missionary on the field for a certain number of days. The daily cost is approximately $139; use that figure, and multiply it times the number of days you will cover.
    Give sacrificially in honor of a veteran missionary who is retiring. These folks will always be missionaries who want to get the gospel to those who’ve never heard. Honor them by supporting that work.
    Fast for one meal per week between now and Christmas, and instead give the cost for those meals to the offering. Praying and fasting will likely only increase our giving – and missing one meal a week won’t hurt most of us.
    Prayerfully give until your faith is genuinely stretched. Many of us give only out of our excess. Ask God to help you to give this year until you’re forced to trust Him to meet your remaining needs.
    What other ideas would you add?

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