Does righteousness exalt a nation?
    July 24 2018 by Robert M. Tenery, Book Review

    Neal Jackson’s monumental work, The Coming Destruction of America, reveals his incisive understanding of the drift of our country into moral depravity. In a graphic but sobering style, he points out how this malignant depravity has crept across America in ways that are virtually unnoticed by many Christians. He exposes the subtle signs of moral decay that are more and more accepted, and highlights Christian principles of life that are ignored and even openly attacked. But, the author does not rest his case there.

    The basic theme of the book is that righteousness really does exalt a nation, as is powerfully pointed out in Proverbs 14:34, and that sin is without question a reproach to any people. This landmark work contains a specific warning that the wrath of God will come upon this nation unless the nation hears the awakening calls from prophetic Christians to repent and seek again the will and ways of God.
    While the author raises a clarion call for preachers of the gospel that will proclaim God’s message with the clarity and ardor of an Amos from Tekoa, he closes with an emphasis on a certitude that God will forgive and bless our nation if we turn to Him in faith with biblically informed conduct in our lives.
    God will not only forgive, but will bless our nation, just as surely as he offered new life to Israel during the days of Ezekiel, and blessed Nineveh upon her repentance during the days of Jonah.
    Jackson sometimes transitioned to parabolic form by utilizing life illustrations to help readers understand profound scriptural truth. This book is sorely needed in America at this time and it should be on the bookshelf of every household in the nation. It is written in such a fashion that it can be understood by older youth and adults.
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    (EDITOR’S NOTE – Neal Jackson is a third generation preacher and the pastor of Beulah Baptist Church in Bennett, N.C. His weekly telecast, Truth for Today, broadcasts to more than 30 million homes. Robert M. Tenery is a graduate of Pfeiffer University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Now retired, he pastored Baptist churches for 40 years and served many roles in the Southern Baptist Convention.)

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