Are you a published author?
    May 20 2014 by BR staff

    The Biblical Recorder will print a list of books published by North Carolina Baptists in the July 19 edition. We invite you to tell us about your published work. Whether the writer is a pastor, director of missions or member of a North Carolina Baptist church, we welcome your submission. We believe your work may be an encouragement to others, so tell us about your book.
    Who can participate?
    • The author must be a member of a Baptist church in friendly cooperation with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.
    • The book(s) must have content related to Christian ministry, biblical theology or Christian growth.
    • The book(s) must have a print date of 2012, 2013 or 2014
    • All submissions must be received by July 1.
    • Multiple submissions are welcome by one author, as long as each work meets the requirements.
    The author must submit the following information:
    • What is the title of the book?
    • What is the author’s name?
    • Where is the author's church membership? (church and city/town in N.C.)
    • What is the publication date?
    • Who is the publisher? (Self-published companies are allowed)
    • Is the book fiction or non-fiction?
    • What is the purchase price of the book?
    • Where can the book be purchased?
    • Is the book available in e-book format? If so, where?
    • Please provide a summary of the book in 325 characters or less, including spaces (that's characters, not words).
    Please send all information by email in a Word document attachment to Include your contact information in case we have a question.

    (EDITOR’S NOTE – If a significant number of submissions are received, the BR reserves the right to extend the list to other issues.)
    5/20/2014 12:52:50 PM by BR staff | with 2 comments
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Allan Blume
Yes, Perry, an author is allowed more than one submission. If your book(s) meet(s) the parameters, we welcome your participation.
5/22/2014 8:25:17 PM

Perry Comer
Great idea!! From reading the article, seems you will be listing each book in the appropriate category. If an author has books in several categories will the author be allowed multiple submissions. I ask because I have published fiction and sermon books.
5/22/2014 6:24:31 PM