N.C. Baptists encouraged to utilize early voting
    October 16 2017 by Earl Roach, Guest Column for the Recorder

    The Christian Life and Public Affairs Special Committee encourages North Carolina Baptists to participate in early voting opportunities for the upcoming 2017 November elections. Early voting is essential this election season since the annual meeting of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSC) will be taking place on Election Day, Tues., Nov. 7.
    The committee hopes N.C. Baptists will vote early so that we can all gather for our upcoming annual meeting, knowing that we have exercised our voice to vote in these important elections.
    Some people are tempted to forgo voting during “off-year elections.” However, the committee reminds N.C. Baptists that while national elections are not taking place this election season, important local elections are on the ballots in many communities. Local elections may include opportunities to vote for individuals looking to serve in a variety of offices such as a local board of education, town council, mayor and more. An example of the importance of participating in 2017 elections is the race for mayor of the city of Charlotte. Baptists will remember that the current mayor of Charlotte was instrumental in both the passage and promotion of the city ordinance commonly referred to as the “bathroom ordinance.” This specific city ordinance resulted in actions by the N.C. General Assembly, commonly referred to as House Bill 2 or HB2.
    Media reports hailed the position of the Charlotte mayor as she opposed HB2. Given the outpouring of support she received in opposition to HB2, it would seem that her re-election would be a simple formality. However, the current mayor did not win the primary, meaning she will not be on the November ballot.
    While the race for mayor of Charlotte is just one example of important local elections, the outcome in the primary is an example of the importance for every N.C. Baptist to exercise their privilege to vote. The elections in your community are just as important as the race for mayor of Charlotte. Please do not miss your opportunity to engage in this essential process. Your vote will make a difference.
    In addition to encouraging you to vote, the committee encourages you to attend the annual meeting of the convention Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 6-7. Whether you attend as a messenger elected by your church or as a visitor, the annual meeting provides opportunities for fellowship, inspiration, education and training. We look forward to seeing you at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro.
    (EDITOR’S NOTE – Earl Roach serves as a chairman of the BSC Christian Life and Public Affairs Special Committee.)
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