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  • Biblical womanhood & the military

    November 2 2017 by Shea Hicks, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    I have always been the bearer of Type-A personality. As a military member, such a personality pays dividends. “Type-A’ers” recognize problems and thrust themselves into developing solutions. Due to possessing the gift of leadership and having a knack for planning and executing tasks, the military was an ideal fit for me.

  • My disaster relief story

    November 1 2017 by Rick Houston, Guest Column | with 0 comments

    I’m  writing this on a crowded bus as it pulls away from a heavily damaged Coca-Cola plant in Big Pine Key, Fla. It took 18 hours to get here from Hickory, N. C. , so it’s going to be a long ride back.   I am exhausted, and due to a quick downpour this afternoon, my shoes and socks are still damp.

  • What my son taught me about freedom

    November 1 2017 by Lori McDaniel, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    My perspective on “patriotic” holidays has changed since my oldest son joined the Army.   As a ninth-grader, Caleb told me he wanted to go to West Point. As a mom, I heard his big dream as if he were still the 8-year old boy who in a basketball game handed the ball to the opposing team because “they hadn’t had a turn yet.

  • Silent preachers deny Christ

    October 31 2017 by Mark Creech, Guest Column | with 0 comments

    Recently, I listened intently as my Sunday School teacher taught from chapter 18 of John’s Gospel about Peter’s denial of our Lord. Peter never meant to do it. He was just swept up in a moment of weakness. It is Luke, however, who tells us of that moment of reckoning when Christ looked directly at Peter in grave disappointment after his third denial.

  • Cautious about a global Cooperative Program: A response

    October 30 2017 by Keith Whitfield, Guest Column | with 0 comments

    In August, Seth Brown published an article in the Biblical Recorder suggesting the Cooperative Program (CP) could reach its fullest potential if the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) allowed global churches to contribute. He offered ten thoughtful reasons for why the SBC should consider a global CP.

  • I had many excuses

    October 30 2017 by LouRae Holt, Guest Column | with 0 comments

    I had many excuses for why I didn’t know more about the politics surrounding our state and nation. I’ve been busy loving my husband, raising four children, being an active church member and struggling to know and imitate Christ in the midst of life happenings.

  • Four reasons many believers don’t share the gospel

    October 27 2017 by Alvin Reid, Center for Great Commission Studies | with 0 comments

    Why do so many believers find talking about Jesus so hard? Part of the reason comes from the very way we church leader types have taught people to share Christ. Let me say how grateful I am for so many who have taught me so much about telling the good news.

  • PASTORS: What causes a man to take a job like this?

    October 26 2017 by Jeff Iorg, Gateway Seminary | with 0 comments

    Pastors are vital Kingdom leaders. Without their effective leadership, healthy churches cannot be built. Without healthy churches, everything else – from missions to seminaries – ultimately fails.   Being a pastor – depending on the day – is either the best job in the world or the worst.

  • Connected to the family

    October 25 2017 by Kevin Ezell, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    When I met Dan Coleman a few years ago, he was a church planter with a vision for reaching the state of Maine for Jesus but he didn’t have a lot of resources.   Maine can be a lonely place for a church planter. There are only a handful of Southern Baptist churches, encompassing fewer than 1 percent of the population.

  • Cooperative Program: A matter of love

    October 24 2017 by Randy L. Bennett, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    The English word for love is somewhat inadequate. How can I say I love my wife and I love ice cream? Loving my wife is far more important than any bowl of ice cream. How can I say I love my pickup truck and I love my children? Children are far more important than any kind of vehicle.

  • Would Jesus go to a football game?

    October 23 2017 by Eric W. Ramsey, Arkansas Baptist News | with 0 comments

    This fall, like every other fall, the most densely populated pieces of real estate in many cities and towns are high school football stadiums on Friday night.   The cheers, the band, the clashing of helmets and shoulder pads and the voice of the announcer ring through the cool night air, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

  • Where to turn for solace & comfort

    October 20 2017 by David Jeremiah | with 0 comments

    Our nation has experienced powerful hurricanes and flooding in recent weeks, along with violence perpetrated upon innocent people enjoying an outdoor concert and raging wildfires.   As we watched these events take lives and destroy homes, we grieved with those who lost so much and wondered when the pain and suffering would stop.

  • Baptists & the Reformers: intersections & departures

    October 18 2017 by David Dockery, Guest Column/Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    Third in a series Baptists share many essential teachings with other Protestant Christians who have been influenced by the 16th-century Reformers. Baptists have moved beyond the Reformers in charting a distinctive path, beyond primary doctrines like the doctrine of scripture and the doctrine of salvation, often referred to as the formal principle and the material principle of the Reformation.

  • Baptist beliefs: Learning from the Reformers

    October 17 2017 by David Dockery, Guest Column/Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    Second in a series   With Christians through the centuries, Baptists stand with the Reformers in confessing that there is one and only one living and true God, who is an intelligent, spiritual and personal being, the Creator, Redeemer, Preserver and Ruler of the universe.

  • The power of an annual meeting

    October 17 2017 by Cameron McGill, Special to the Recorder | with 0 comments

    As another annual meeting of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSC) approaches, my mind goes back to a previous convention meeting. As an officer of the BSC, I had been a part of planning the 2014 convention, but little did I know just how significant it would be in my life.

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