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  • The power of belonging

    August 15 2019 by Darrick Smith, BSC | with 0 comments

    What is every college student on your campus looking for? What is their deepest desire – the thing that they long for? What is the thing that often drives their decisions? Oftentimes, it’s the desire to belong.   ...

  • Why Baptism Sunday?

    August 13 2019 by J.D. Greear | with 0 comments

    For several years now, I have been greatly burdened by the declining number of baptisms across the Southern Baptist Convention. I believe the baptism numbers serve as one of the best indicators of evangelism in our churches. Jesus came to seek and...

  • 5 reasons to support NCMO

    August 9 2019 by Will Taylor, BSC Communications | with 0 comments

    Each year, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina places an emphasis on the North Carolina Missions Offering (NCMO), a special offering that supports the ministries of N.C. Baptist Men (NCBM), church planting, mission camps, associational...

  • Heaven will look like Walmart

    August 8 2019 by Micheal Pardue | with 0 comments

    As my wife and I were shopping at Walmart, I noticed the diversity in the people around me. People with many shades of melanin. People from all around the world. People with heritages different from my own. As I observed them, my heart sank...

  • The worth of work

    August 5 2019 by Paul Kim | with 0 comments

    Most people wake up in the morning to go to work. During rush hour, cars are bumper-to-bumper while people on public transportation often are jammed-packed like sardines.   From the beginning of time, humans have...

  • Why we must send more missionaries of color

    August 2 2019 by Doug Logan | with 0 comments

    I grew up in historically black churches. I planted an inner-city church. Now I pastor a multi-ethnic congregation, and I work with planters in urban communities around the world. But I only know one black missionary serving on the field today...

  • The Cooperative Program makes more sense now than ever

    July 31 2019 by Steve Scoggins, BSC president | with 0 comments

    One of our younger leaders in North Carolina recently told me about discussions he has participated in with other young ministers interested in church planting. He said the conversations often feature a popular missions and church planting network...

  • Does church membership matter?

    July 30 2019 by J.D. Greear | with 0 comments

    There was a time when the question of church membership was not much of a question at all. Jump back a generation or two, and nearly every church in the country had a roster of members.   Now the question, however...

  • Is Sunday still special?

    July 29 2019 by Brian Hobbs | with 0 comments

    According to LifeWay Research, 77 percent of churchgoers say they take an intentional day of rest, with most doing so on Sunday. This idea of a Sabbath dates back to the Old Testament, even to the creation week itself.   Societies and...

  • Carrying your cross

    July 25 2019 by Clara Molina | with 0 comments

    There are Christians who say, “What a cross to bear! How long am I going to suffer?” They might think that carrying their cross means surviving a long-standing difficult situation, enduring abuse by another person or suffering from a...

  • Hotel-heightened hospitality

    July 24 2019 by Anteneshia Sanders | with 0 comments

    I didn’t think much about hotels until I started working at one.   Crisp linens, a TV, hopefully breakfast and some of those tiny lotions – what else was there to think about?   A whole lot more...

  • SBC decline: Is it really as bad as it sounds?

    July 22 2019 by Steve Scoggins | with 0 comments

    If you only read the headlines that appear in the media, you would conclude the sky is falling on American Christianity. That is not true. Glenn Stanton has summarized several legitimate studies of religion in America to give us a hopeful...

  • Thankful for FUGE

    July 18 2019 by Nathan A. Finn | with 0 comments

    Sitting in a rocking chair on a balcony at Ridgecrest Conference Center near Black Mountain, N.C., I listened to teenagers below sing the popular worship songs “What a Beautiful Name” and “No Longer Slaves.”   ...

  • Those who weep

    July 17 2019 by Erich Bridges | with 0 comments

    Recently I spent time with two old friends. Both are grieving.   One just lost his mother to cancer. The other lost his wife – also to cancer – three years ago. His best friend died of a massive heart attack a few weeks ago...

  • In a small village in the Levant, ISIS is gone. The bombs have been silenced. The violence has passed. In its place is a stillness – a darkness that hovers, testifying to what happened here. Some call it terrorism, some call it religion...

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