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  • 7 myths about sex abuse in churches

    October 8 2019 by J.D. Greear, SBC President | with 0 comments

    For most Southern Baptist pastors, the idea that their church might harbor an abuser is horrific. Almost every Southern Baptist pastor I know got into the ministry to serve and protect God’s people. They are genuinely heartbroken by this...

  • 10 ways to show love to your pastor, church staff

    October 4 2019 by Carolyn Tomlin, The Alabama Baptist | with 0 comments

    During October many churches recognize Pastor Appreciation Month as an intentional time to honor their pastors and church staff.   The history of appreciating those ordained by God goes back to Bible times. The apostle Paul writes that...

  • COOPERATIVE PROGRAM: A missionary’s gratitude

    October 2 2019 by Paul Chitwood, IMB | with 0 comments

    As I near the first anniversary of being elected president of the International Mission Board, I am incredibly encouraged about so many aspects of the Great Commission work of Southern Baptists.   At the top of...

  • Confronting sickness & death

    October 1 2019 by Paul Kim | with 0 comments

    A hospital chaplain is called to minister to the sick and to give spiritual care along with the clinical care provided by doctors, nurses and medical technicians. The reality of life is that, like the poor, there will always be among us those who...

  • Bath towels & yellow shirts

    September 30 2019 by James Harrington, Chowan Baptist Association | with 0 comments

    One week after Hurricane Dorian blew through the Outer Banks, I loaded up my car and headed to Cape Hatteras. This was in response to a call I received from Paul Langston, missions mobilization consultant with the North Carolina Baptists on...

  • Why denominations & networks matter

    September 27 2019 by Andrew Hébert, Oklahoma Baptist University | with 0 comments

    Many younger pastors often feel two interesting and competing impulses.   First, there is a growing sense that denominations aren’t that important. Second, there is a strong desire for relationships with others in ministry and a...

  • The collegiate mission field

    September 25 2019 by Adam Groza, Gateway Seminary | with 0 comments

    When you think of the mission field, what comes to mind? Perhaps a foreign country or exotic locale, plane tickets and passports?   In the Great Commission, Jesus says the mission field is “all the world.”   ...

  • As a disciple-maker, I’m not the whole story

    September 25 2019 by Mick Mocha, IMB | with 0 comments

    I first met Khalid* through an online follow-up request, a way some people seek answers for their troubled souls.   We have seen our opportunities to share the gospel in our area gradually change over the past couple of years, with a new...

  • The desert road

    September 20 2019 by Keith Shorter | with 0 comments

    Tony took his family to spend the day at a water park. On their way home, they ran out of gas.   They were stranded on the interstate in the desert of West Texas. While his wife and three young daughters sat in...

  • Nuts & bolts faith

    September 19 2019 by David Jeremiah | with 0 comments

    Dotting the landscape of the rural communities north of Charlotte, N.C., are dozens of the most high-tech companies in the automotive industry. First, there are the home facilities of NASCAR’s elite racing teams. Then there are the shops of...

  • Sunlight & shadows

    September 18 2019 by Sarah Dixon Young | with 0 comments

    Where is the sun’s shadow?   I sat in the woods the other day studying the shadow of a cottonwood tree as the leaves tossed and turned. As the sun sank in the west, the shadow grew longer, covering me and...

  • Clergy & depression

    September 16 2019 by Marshal Ausberry | with 0 comments

    Whenever clergy commit suicide we always wonder why.   We grieve the loss and pray for the family and ask God to comfort them and heal their broken hearts. But the question lingers, “What can we do to prevent this from occurring again...

  • My first baptismal service

    September 11 2019 by Paul Kim | with 0 comments

    On the Lord’s Day, March 1, 1981, a new church was inaugurated at a small church building in Albany, Calif., near UC Berkeley.   The small sanctuary was only half-filled with my family of five, friends and...

  • The courage to stand

    September 10 2019 by Kelvin J. Cochran | with 0 comments

    Many Christian Americans in today’s culture are faced with a choice whether to live out their faith or keep their jobs.   Photo credit Cutline We are living in a season where one week we are...

  • BAPTISM SUNDAY: Creating a culture of celebration

    September 6 2019 by Noe Garcia | with 0 comments

    Why Baptism Sunday? I became a Christian at the age of 18 and several years later I followed through with baptism. Why did it take so long?   The truth is, no one told me about it. I rarely saw it done in a service or emphasized in the...

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