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  • Missional impact in your state

    September 6 2019 by Paul Chitwood | with 0 comments

    My first international mission trip took place on a farm in central Kentucky.   As a new pastor in the community, I often found myself interacting with migrant workers from Central and South America. I soon realized that most were...

  • BAPTISM SUNDAY: Pastors, teachers & baptism

    September 6 2019 by Vickie Munton | with 0 comments

    I was the girl who had trusted Christ, but was baptized before my salvation experience. As a young adult, I heard a message on baptism and for the first time truly understood the answer to the questions of “Why should we be baptized?&rdquo...

  • Remembering the life of a true friend

    September 4 2019 by Dennis Hester | with 0 comments

    The Blue Ridge mountains will be a little bluer this summer, at least for me. And as the fog lifts and is burned away by the August morning sun, there’ll be one less mountaineer from Haywood County. On Aug. 4, I sat in Beaver Dam Baptist...

  • BAPTISM SUNDAY: Repent, believe & be baptized

    September 3 2019 by Willy Rice | with 0 comments

    Acts 2 says that Peter not only proclaimed the gospel, he concluded with a clear call to repentance, faith and baptism.   “Do it now,” Peter seemed to say. He “strongly urged” (CSB) them to...

  • 4 steps to engage your community

    September 3 2019 by Joe Maye | with 0 comments

    During the process of reaching the community around us, we must each move from thinking like a missionary to engaging like one. While it can be intimidating to make the transition from theory and strategy to actually entering the lives of people...

  • Christians, continue to labor!

    August 30 2019 by Daryl Cornett | with 0 comments

    Labor Day may be one of the holidays from which we are most disconnected. I have to admit to a typical indifference toward it myself. For most of us, it marks the end of summer, cooler weather, the return of college football and a day off from...

  • The big casino & the small church

    August 29 2019 by Keith Shorter | with 0 comments

    Sitting on a hotel’s 38th floor, you gain a perspective on a community that you can’t get from street level.   On a recent mission trip, I could see all of Charlestown, one of the oldest neighborhoods...

  • Caring for missionaries through connection: The three Cs

    August 26 2019 by Shirley Ralston | with 0 comments

    A perfect illustration of “out of sight, out of mind” is that of the missionary serving overseas. We have heard this refrain many times in our conversations with missionaries in our church’s care ministry. The Cambridge...

  • Baptismal pool not a museum piece

    August 23 2019 by Marshal Ausberry | with 0 comments

    One of the beautiful things I like about Washington, D.C., is the number of museums located in the city. There are all kinds of museums: the Air & Space Museum, the Newseum, the National Archives Building & Museum, the National Air and...

  • Special baptism day lives, breathes Gospel urgency

    August 20 2019 by Ronnie Floyd | with 0 comments

    A special day of baptism will set your church on fire. There is nothing like the joy of baptizing a person who has been transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. On Sept. 8, our 2019 Baptism Sunday, we are asking every Southern Baptist church to...

  • Baptism: A sign of obedience to Christ

    August 16 2019 by Johnny Hunt, NAMB | with 0 comments

    To me, when I study the New Testament, especially the book of Acts, it appears that baptism is the first act of obedience a believer takes after they are saved. It is so important because it is the first time individuals will share about the death...

  • The power of belonging

    August 15 2019 by Darrick Smith, BSC | with 0 comments

    What is every college student on your campus looking for? What is their deepest desire – the thing that they long for? What is the thing that often drives their decisions? Oftentimes, it’s the desire to belong.   ...

  • Why Baptism Sunday?

    August 13 2019 by J.D. Greear | with 0 comments

    For several years now, I have been greatly burdened by the declining number of baptisms across the Southern Baptist Convention. I believe the baptism numbers serve as one of the best indicators of evangelism in our churches. Jesus came to seek and...

  • 5 reasons to support NCMO

    August 9 2019 by Will Taylor, BSC Communications | with 0 comments

    Each year, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina places an emphasis on the North Carolina Missions Offering (NCMO), a special offering that supports the ministries of N.C. Baptist Men (NCBM), church planting, mission camps, associational...

  • Heaven will look like Walmart

    August 8 2019 by Micheal Pardue | with 0 comments

    As my wife and I were shopping at Walmart, I noticed the diversity in the people around me. People with many shades of melanin. People from all around the world. People with heritages different from my own. As I observed them, my heart sank...

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