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  • Laodicea: the need for fresh water

    November 2 2018 by John Mark Harrison | with 0 comments

    Seventh in a series   Located 600 miles from Jerusalem and 300 miles from Athens, Laodicea was a wealthy commercial center.

  • If you’re not dead, God’s not done

    November 2 2018 by J.D. Greear | with 0 comments

    Do you remember “Choose Your Own Adventure” novels? They were some of my favorites as a kid. You’d get to a certain place in the story where you’d have a choice, like, “You’re being chased by a flock of rabid wolverines, and an old lady invites you into a house to escape.

  • Life of a pastor

    November 1 2018 by Paul Kim | with 0 comments

    One day, at a Christian bookstore just across the street from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Fort Worth Hall, I was looking to purchase several books when I heard an excited voice call to the other side of the bookstore, “Pastor!”   A pastor was there with a few members of his congregation and as I watched the interaction between shepherd and sheep, I thought to myself, “Who is worthy to be called such an honorable title of a pastor?”   READ MORE

  • Sending culture: 3 ways pastors can develop one

    October 31 2018 by William Whaley | with 0 comments

    Recently I was privileged to attend a commissioning service for new International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries. I was invited by a couple from our church who was preparing to be sent to the nations.   During this time, I was reminded of the significance, risk and joy of taking the gospel to the nations.

  • Laodicea: The need for fresh water

    October 30 2018 by John Mark Harrison | with 0 comments

    Seventh in a series   Located 600 miles from Jerusalem and 300 miles from Athens, Laodicea was a wealthy commercial center. It was known for its medical care and banking industries. They were resilient, secure and self-confident. They had all they needed, except clean water.

  • Halloween: 6 ways to engage neighbors

    October 30 2018 by Justin Tucker | with 0 comments

    For some Christians, “Halloween” is a dreaded word that can bring up questions and debate.   But putting aside all the differing opinions, Halloween can offer an opportunity for believers to engage their neighbors who don’t know Jesus.

  • An incredible name

    October 26 2018 by Dean Sieberhagen | with 0 comments

    One of the most interesting discussions you can have with Muslims has to do with their 99 names for God. They are supposed to continually think about these names as a way to worship and also understand how magnificent God is.   READ MORE

  • Honesty & revival

    October 25 2018 by Doug Munton | with 0 comments

    Revival only comes in conjunction with deep, open and honest confession of sin.   All the great revivals of scripture and history involve God’s people acknowledging the truth of their wrongdoing.

  • Western myths

    October 24 2018 by Jeff Iorg | with 0 comments

    When traveling and speaking across the South, people who have never lived in the West often ask me about ministry in our context, with GateWay Seminary campuses in Southern California, the San Francisco area, metro Portland, Denver and Phoenix.   READ MORE

  • The God who speaks

    October 23 2018 by Randy Bennett | with 0 comments

    I can remember participating in worship services when the speaker asked us to stand and shout out our favorite name for God.   The Great I Am.

  • Fall, family & friends

    October 22 2018 by David Jeremiah | with 0 comments

    This season of the year lends itself to gaining a renewed focus on what is important – not only for growing into a more intimate relationship with God, but also to set aside time to let your family and friends know how much they mean to you.   READ MORE

  • Our schedules, an idol?

    October 18 2018 by Terry Dorsett | with 0 comments

    For a growing number of people time is actually more precious than money.   Many of us fill our days running here and there trying to keep up with our overcrowded calendars.

  • I could hear their heart

    October 17 2018 by Laura Hurd | with 0 comments

    I signed up my oldest son on a whim and without his knowledge for a camp hosted by a local church that serves the community through their Upward Basketball program.   READ MORE

  • Philadelphia: finish the race

    October 16 2018 by Clay Smith | with 0 comments

    Sixth in a series   “It’s not how you start, but how you finish. ” In the proverbial story of the tortoise and hare, the hare darts out quickly, but a series of distractions and compromises renders its defeat.

  • Disaster relief & cooperation

    October 15 2018 by Ken Hemphill | with 0 comments

    During my years of service to Southern Baptists, I have frequently been asked why I am a Southern Baptist. Early on, I humorously but accurately responded that I was born one. My dad was a Baptist pastor for more than 50 years in North Carolina. Truth is, my Baptist roots go back for several generations.

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