Guest Columns
  • ‘My heart’s primary focus’

    July 15 2019 by Gary W. Hawkins | with 0 comments

    My Native American family of Creek and Cherokee descent was at best a nominal Christian family, but as a child I have fond memories of Vacation Bible School and going to church on rare occasions.   Although I wasn’t taught the Word of...

  • Surfer Bethany Hamilton faces new challenges in ‘Unstoppable’

    America first saw Bethany Hamilton as the 13-year-old surfer who lost her arm to a tiger shark.   ES Entertainment photo Bethany Hamilton remains one of the surfing world's stars more than 15 years after losing...

  • What women need

    July 9 2019 by Kassie Prather | with 0 comments

    While working with a program that prepared couples for long-term missions, I began to notice a deeply troubling gap in the expectations and the definitions of spiritual excellence for males and females.   Husbands...

  • A North Carolina path for affordable ministerial education

    July 8 2019 by Steve Scoggins, BSC president | with 0 comments

    I recently was made aware of a change that will enable more students to pursue quality ministerial education in North Carolina. For years, the Charles B. Keesee Scholarship has helped pay tuition for North Carolina students when they pursued their...

  • Painful, joyous confession

    July 3 2019 by Veronica Greear | with 0 comments

    “I’m just sayin’.”   “I’m just being honest.”   “TBH” (To Be Honest)   “No offense, but ... (cue offensive statement).”  ...

  • Explainer: What’s happening with children at the southern border?

    July 1 2019 by Travis Wussow and Jeff Pickering, ERLC | with 0 comments
    Explainer: What’s happening with children at the southern border?

    Recent outcry over issues at the United States-Mexico border broke out after reporting from the Associated Press revealed unconscionable conditions for child migrants in government custody in a facility near El Paso, Texas. The AP story...

  • Why my singleness matters

    July 1 2019 by Anna Schaeffer | with 0 comments

    If my life played out according to the plan designed by my childhood dreams, I would be married by now with a couple of kids, a car big enough to transport everyone to the beach, and a mortgage on a cute little home.   ...

  • ‘Undo’ – a key we all need

    June 27 2019 by Robert Lopez | with 0 comments

    At the beginning of the ‘80s when I started as a pastor, I used a classic typewriter that a member of my church gave me.   I wrote my messages with the typewriter as well as the church bulletin, which I...

  • Making a connection

    June 26 2019 by Doug Munton | with 0 comments

    I moved several times as a boy, and it wasn’t much fun.   Each time I had to overcome old fears, break down unseen barriers and make new friends. I never liked that feeling of being an outsider. I haven’t forgotten how it felt...

  • Help share the ‘Word’ on the opioid epidemic

    June 21 2019 by Robert E. Jordan | with 0 comments

    I need a sermon occasionally for a special emphasis in the church I serve. Even after 40-plus years of preaching, I enjoy an outline that sparks my interest and provides me with the basis for a special sermon.   Thankfully our mission...

  • Maximize your vacation

    June 18 2019 by Randy C. Davis | with 0 comments

    I love vacations, but I have to work at them. I have trouble “turning off” the ministry mode.   When my youngest daughter was about 11, she said, “Daddy, I bet these folks hate to hear you&rsquo...

  • Why more aren’t missionaries: What happens when we lose the news worth sharing

    For maybe the first time in our history, we have “more fully-funded open missionary positions than we have candidates in the pipeline.”   IMB Photo On one hand, this is an occasion to praise God...

  • The future of the Biblical Recorder is bright

    June 11 2019 by Steve Scoggins | with 0 comments

    This has not been a good time for many Baptist news outlets. Many have discontinued their regular printed newspapers, and others have been folded in to the communication departments of their state conventions.  ...

  • Advice from Dad

    June 11 2019 by Lee Clamp | with 0 comments

    “I already know, Dad.”   I had my doubts over the confidence that my oldest son exuded as he took the car keys from me.   He put the car in drive and sped off entirely too fast.   A lot...

  • We’re likewise called

    June 7 2019 by Christian Phan | with 0 comments

    Spreading the gospel is a special call.   In Romans 1, Paul the apostle said he was redeemed by Jesus to preach the gospel. The Lord Jesus Himself called Paul to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God.   ...

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