Guest Columns
  • Like shepherds

    January 8 2019 by Cameron McGill | with 0 comments

    Luke 2:8 says, “… there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.”   I just celebrated my 44th Christmas, my 19th as a pastor, and once again, I noticed something new and fresh right in the...

  • N.C. Baptists: Who will you nominate?

    January 7 2019 by Micheal Pardue | with 0 comments

    The new year has arrived. It came in, as most do, with fireworks and celebrations. Many of us took the first day of 2019 off and spent time with family and friends. However, as Christians, the work never ceases – Kingdom work does not...

  • Helping others find ‘newness of life’

    January 4 2019 by Mark Snowden | with 0 comments

    How people learn is important. How they progress toward belief and action is more important.  A white-haired man was introduced to me after preaching. He was starting a church in the next town over but his comment startled me. “Mark, I...

  • 2.8 billion lost people & you

    January 2 2019 by Keith Shorter | with 0 comments

    Have you ever stood face to face with someone who has never heard of the name of Jesus? If so, it is not an experience you will soon forget.   Several years ago, a family from our church was serving as Christian workers in the mountains of...

  • As we face a new year, some of the issues churches will likely need to address haven’t changed. On the other hand, we seldom address these issues unless we’re reminded to consider them.  Here are some of those issues I’m...

  • The SBC’s season of change is a chance to pray

    December 20 2018 by Biblical Recorder Staff | with 0 comments

    As the Biblical Recorder staff began its annual review of the year’s top stories, there was one topic, arising in numerous articles, that our editorial team designated for special consideration. The topic is change, and it is presented here...

  • Christmas: Tell His story

    December 19 2018 by Autumn Wall | with 0 comments

    The season of joy. The celebration of Jesus’ birth. Christmas is right around the corner!   As believers, we know the real reason for the season is Jesus. We love to celebrate this season because it holds so much weight and value...

  • A wounded warrior’s baptism

    December 17 2018 by Jeff Iorg | with 0 comments

    Over the years, a few people have asked me for a private baptism experience. I have always declined.   A private ceremony undermines key purposes of baptism – a public witness of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and public...

  • CHRISTMAS: The reality of God’s favor

    December 14 2018 by J.D. Greear | with 0 comments

    What do we mean when we talk about the “favor of God”?   The house you’ve always wanted goes into foreclosure and you buy it for a steal. Your kids bring their report cards home and it’s straight As. You find out...

  • 4 ways to choose contentment this holiday season

    December 7 2018 by Brittany Salmon | with 0 comments

    It’s the most wonderful time of year, but these next few weeks can also be difficult for many.   There are families who, for the first time, will be gathering around a table grieving the loss of a family...

  • From babies to teens

    December 6 2018 by Melanie Lenow | with 0 comments

    When we first began to have children, I truly loved the birth through preschool years. I was confident in what I was doing and the calling God had on my life. Yes, there were stressful times, but overall, I was in control. ...

  • An ever-escalating identity crisis

    December 5 2018 by Charles Patrick | with 0 comments

    Man has been plagued with the desire to “play God” since Genesis 3. This includes promoting “imago” self rather than “imago Dei.” That is, culture is obsessed with representing self, according to one’s own...

  • I’m in. Are you?

    December 5 2018 by Tony Wolfe | with 0 comments

    No doubt the 120 believers in Jerusalem’s First Downtown Church Plant, in Acts Chapter 1, were uneasy. The commission Jesus had given them was completely impossible. Unless, of course, God wanted to do something fresh, new and maybe even a...

  • 4 pegs

    November 30 2018 by Curtis A. Woods | with 0 comments

    Richard F. Lovelace, in his work Dynamics of Spiritual Life: An Evangelical Theology of Renewal, explains how the Puritan Richard Baxter labored extensively on developing a core doctrinal belief that would unite all English Christians.  ...

  • Marijuana’s momentum

    November 29 2018 by Brian Hobbs | with 0 comments

    The 2018 midterm elections saw many winners and losers. Yet the much-discussed Nov. 6 vote had one big winner that some people are not talking about.   That “winner” is marijuana, which is actually a...

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