Guest Columns
  • When the directions don’t make sense

    August 30 2018 by Katie McCoy | with 0 comments

    We were so, so close, yet so, so far.   When I moved to Fort Worth 10 years ago to enroll in seminary, my mom and I were navigating around an unfamiliar Texas city after dark trying to find our hotel.   The...

  • A meeting of the hearts

    August 29 2018 by Rick Lance | with 0 comments

    “We are going to have a meeting of the minds.” I have made that statement so many times that the expression has become a trite one. Perhaps you feel the same way.   Recently, I was a participant in a...

  • Reading the Bible, every year

    August 28 2018 by Doug Munton | with 0 comments

    Few practices have blessed my life and ministry as greatly as reading the entire Bible at least once each year. Of course, as a pastor, there are some advantages. If I am quietly reading the Bible at church, for example, people say, “Don...

  • Don’t ditch your denomination

    August 24 2018 by Fred Luter | with 0 comments

    In September 1986, my life was changed forever when I was elected as pastor of a dying Southern Baptist mission called Franklin Avenue Baptist Church.   I grew up in the National Baptist denomination. I was the...

  • Several years ago I was speaking with a student from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary who was in a degree program where the student completes half of it on campus and the other half on the mission field. He said, “I have completed...

  • Smyrna: The poor church that was rich

    August 22 2018 by Lee Pigg | with 0 comments

    Second in a series   The year was A.D. 155 and he was told to curse God and live. The alternative was to be burned at the stake. His name was Polycarp and his response was, “Eighty and six years I have...

  • Just as Jesus affirmed first-century women, calling them to confess Him as Lord and tell the good news of the gospel, He continues to call women in the 21st century to communicate His story to the world.   Many...

  • Racial unity: Can we move on?

    August 20 2018 by Dan Darling | with 0 comments

    I’m often asked by well-meaning Christians, “Why do we have to keep talking about race?” And the best answer I can give is this: the Bible keeps talking about race.   Jesus offered the gospel as...

  • Heaven on earth

    August 17 2018 by Joshua Crutchfield | with 0 comments

    I love preaching about heaven – but hardly in the way that you might expect.   I do not limit it to the place that you go to when you die but what has already erupted on earth due to the salvation that God...

  • 4 steps every new small group should take

    August 16 2018 by Phanuel Roxas | with 0 comments

    Small groups build community and help new church members feel more connected to the local church. A smaller setting helps shrink down a large congregation to smaller, more intimate gatherings where members can establish deeper roots.   ...

  • An untended garden

    August 14 2018 by Randy Bennett | with 0 comments

    I was anxious to walk through my garden after being out of town for vacation to see how it had fared in my absence for two weeks.   The corn and cucumbers looked fine. Many of the tomatoes in their colorful cages...

  • God’s discipline

    August 13 2018 by Chuck Lawless | with 0 comments

    None of us likes being at the receiving end of God’s discipline – especially when we’re in the midst of it. Every believer I know, though, has been through it. If you haven’t yet been, you will be at some point.   ...

  • Can you spiritually multitask?

    August 9 2018 by David Jeremiah | with 0 comments

    Instead of having one slow brain, today’s computers have several really fast brains that can handle tasks independently of each other. While the brain God gave us is more powerful than any computer, we only have one. And it works best when...

  • Childlike awe

    August 8 2018 by Randy C. Davis | with 0 comments

    I grew up on the Alabama Gulf Coast and love it. But it’s a little more than just loving it, it’s in my blood.   The majority of my earliest memories are of water skiing up and down the canal, fishing...

  • Ephesus: Have we lost our first love?

    August 7 2018 by Marty Jacumin | with 0 comments

    First in a series   When people are searching for a church to join, they usually have a set of criteria in mind. These criteria can revolve around sermon delivery or personality of the preacher, stance on the...

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