K. Allan Blume
  • Let us serve you

    July 25 2016 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 0 comments

    The Biblical Recorder has a unique ministry to the people in our Baptist churches, including everyone from the pastor and staff to the layman who only attends one church event each week (or less). We exist to inform. The news and information we provide is important to every person in your church.

  • Reviving civility

    June 27 2016 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 0 comments

    I read a lot of online articles and blogs, but I avoid the comment sections because many are filled with the verbal sewage of vulgarity, false accusations and ruthless attacks. Twitter posts, Facebook comments and other forms of social media carry their own share of violent, hostile and offensive language also.

  • Is civility dead?

    June 13 2016 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 0 comments

    The theme of election politics in 2016 seems to be “Voters are angry. ” According to media reports, the results of the alleged high levels of anger are the three leading presidential candidates: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

  • Reflecting on 50 years of ministry

    May 31 2016 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 1 comments

    Life is one continuous learning experience, or as my friend Marty Dupree says, “Life is a mission trip. ” There’s a lot to learn in life, and there’s even more to learn in ministry.   On the first Sunday in May, 50 years ago, I publicly announced God’s call on my life to enter vocational Christian ministry.

  • Mark Harris exposes Human Rights Campaign

    May 2 2016 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 2 comments

    In the 50 years since God called me to ministry I have never seen the extreme barrage of vicious deceit like that which has been organized against the legislators and citizens of North Carolina. After the passage of House Bill 2 (HB 2), a campaign of severe misinformation began flowing to corporate leaders, media outlets and other targeted groups.

  • Grateful for Milton and Gloria Hollifield

    April 5 2016 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 0 comments

    The Biblical Recorder dedicates eight pages of this issue (B1-8) to recognize Milton Hollifield’s 10th anniversary as executive director-treasurer (EDT) of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSC). He was elected and installed in a called meeting of the convention April 11, 2006.

  • Where is ‘the mission field’?

    March 22 2016 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 0 comments

    About a year ago I read the comments of a high profile Southern Baptist leader who excitedly reported that he had just returned from “the mission field. ” My first thought was, where had he been – New York, Idaho, Vermont, Houston? Maybe he was talking about the neighborhoods around his church.

  • Saved, but stuck

    February 23 2016 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 0 comments

    Many years ago a friend said, “I know I’m saved. I put my faith in Christ, gave Him my life and have enjoyed many years of spiritual growth by His grace. But honestly, I have hit the wall. I am not growing. In fact, I feel like my spiritual life is going downhill.

  • Charlotte ordinance bad for everyone

    February 8 2016 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 1 comments

    Last March the Charlotte City Council considered a highly controversial “non-discrimination” ordinance that would allow transgender persons to use either men’s or women’s restrooms, along with other special protection for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

  • Christian civility in an election year

    January 26 2016 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 0 comments

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines civility as “polite, reasonable, and respectful behavior. ” It has to do with being courteous in both speech and behavior. The word is not likely to be found in most English Bible translations, but nothing about the definition sounds inconsistent with biblical values.

  • Evangelism in the SBC

    January 11 2016 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 0 comments

    The fact that we recognize Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is a profound statement on the lostness of North America. Whether a Christian is a Democrat or a Republican, this conversation should not be necessary. But it is, because too many have a higher allegiance to political preferences than to the truth of scripture.

  • 2015 editorials in review

    December 28 2015 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 0 comments

    This first edition of the Biblical Recorder for 2016 looks back at the news highlights of 2015. It was an eventful year, especially with the Supreme Court’s decision to impose homosexual marriage on Americans, in what four dissenting justices called a “threat to American democracy.

  • Celebrate the One who holds everything together

    December 15 2015 by K. Allan Blume, BR editor | with 0 comments

    Take a few minutes in your Christmas celebration to look at Jesus Christ in a different way. The apostle Paul described the incomparable nature of Christ to the Christians who met in the city of Colossae. In the first chapter of the letter to the Colossians he described Jesus as “the image of the invisible God,” in verse 15.

  • Generous mission support

    November 30 2015 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 1 comments

    What does generous giving look like? Jesus pointed out a great example in Mark 12:41-44. As He watched people put money in the temple treasury, He took note that rich people gave large sums. But the gift that Jesus held up as most outstanding was from a widow who gave two mites.

  • CP’s strengths and weaknesses

    November 17 2015 by K. Allan Blume, BR Editor | with 3 comments

    What is the most effective way to support missionaries? Is it the method often called “faith-based support” of individual missionaries, or is it the Southern Baptist way of support through the Cooperative Program (CP) and special offerings like the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions (LMCO) and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions?   To be fair, there are strengths in each method, and there are weaknesses.

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