Mother’s Day Offering a gift of hope
    April 22 2014 by Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC executive director-treasurer

    Each year, compassionate North Carolina Baptists help people who face overwhelming financial crises because of serious illness through the annual Mother’s Day Offering. Those who receive medical care at Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem may find their financial burden lightened through your generous support of this offering. It’s good to know that with the many changes taking place in health care, Baptist Hospital continues to assist families in dire need.
    Our churches have partnered with Baptist Hospital for 90 years through the Mother’s Day Offering.
    The hospital is now working to expand and strengthen this partnership with the Baptist Convention of North Carolina, associations and churches through FaithHealthNC, a partnership program between faith communities and health care providers. This cooperation will extend the healing ministry of Jesus to the whole person.
    Thanks to your generous gifts, you have helped people like Craig Hutchison, a Vietnam veteran and 30-year veteran of the police force.
    When Craig was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he and his family were inundated with hospital bills they could not afford to pay. But when Craig received an unexpected letter informing him that much of his hospital bill had been paid through the Mother’s Day Offering, his life was changed.
    Your gifts have also helped Sherri Sexton who had no one to turn to before she received a similar letter. She had incurred the high cost of medical care after a stroke required her to stay in the intensive care unit for an extended period of time.
    Through the Mother’s Day Offering, North Carolina Baptists provide hope to people like Craig and Sherri each year. They are people who have no one to turn to for help because they have too much to qualify for government assistance or charity care, but not nearly enough to pay their hospital bills. A group of North Carolina Baptist ministers and laypersons prayerfully determine how much assistance can be provided for these special situations from gifts the hospital receives from North Carolina Baptist churches.
    In 2013, North Carolina Baptists gave more than $600,000 to the offering. The goal for 2014 is $650,000. Every dollar you give to this offering helps individuals and families pay their hospital bills.
    As Mother’s Day draws near, please pray about how you, your family and your church congregation can participate in giving to this year’s offering. You will be blessed, and some families with catastrophic financial obligations can be rescued. Think of it this way: you can give this offering to God because you recognize a need, and you want to be a blessing to others.
    For more information about giving to the Mother’s Day Offering, promotional resources, and personal stories from those who have been blessed by the offering, visit
    But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased” Hebrews 13:16 (NKJV).
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