Baptists truly are loving, giving people
    April 21 2015 by Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC executive director-treasurer

    Every year, North Carolinians bear huge financial burdens as they face serious medical crises in our state. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to care for those who are suffering and to help those in need. Through the annual Mother’s Day Offering, North Carolina Baptists can offer support to those who receive medical care at Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem. It is through your support that we are able to represent Christ, helping to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of our community.
    The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina works with Baptist Hospital through FaithHealthNC, a partnership program between faith communities and health care providers. Currently, Baptist Hospital is making strides to return to the purpose for which it was founded: to partner with North Carolina Baptist churches to jointly care for the body of Christ in our state. Through FaithHealthNC, churches are able to join together, working with Baptist Hospital and the convention, to make an impactful change by reaching the lost while providing affordable health care options.
    Not only does the money received from the annual Mother’s Day Offering go toward helping reach the lost who face medical hardships, but it also helps our brothers and sisters in Christ. Last year, Victor Church and Betsy Simpson were recipients of this offering. After suffering from a retinal tear, Church needed four surgeries.
    One night while he was reading, Church suddenly noticed that half the page went missing – he had no vision in part of his left eye. While dealing with this unexpected medical emergency, Church and his family were faced with thousands of dollars in medical bills. Fortunately, because of the Mother’s Day Offering, Church and his family were able to afford the surgeries that saved Church’s vision. 
    Betsy Simpson is another great example of one who has been blessed by the generosity of North Carolina Baptists through this offering. At the age of 64, Simpson found out she had endometrial cancer. At Baptist Hospital, she underwent successful surgery and chemotherapy but had to deal with a high amount of medical expenses. These expenses were so high that Simpson considered going back to work to pay them off, even though she had debilitating arthritis. But by God’s provision, through the Mother’s Day Offering, Simpson’s financial needs were met.
    As Mother’s Day approaches, prayerfully consider how you, your family and your church congregation can play a part in this year’s offering. With your compassionate giving, you can help make a difference in the lives of people like Victor Church and Betsy Simpson. As Simpson has shared, “I know that Baptists are loving and giving people. If you can be that person too, that would be wonderful. It’s a gift.”
    For more information on the Mother’s Day Offering, visit:
    For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’” – Galatians 5:14 (NKJV)

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