See God’s loving nature through Mother’s Day Offering
    April 19 2016 by Milton A. Hollfield Jr., BSC executive director-treasurer

    As we near Mother’s Day, it is only fitting that we spend some time thinking about our mothers. What an important role that mothers have in our lives.
    They nurture us as children but do not stop caring for us as adults. I truly believe that mothers are ordained by God to show us a tangible example of His caring nature and lovingkindness toward His children.
    It is around this time of the year that North Carolina Baptists also give a special focus to the Mother’s Day Offering, which benefits patients at Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem.
    Thanks to your generous support, many patients at the hospital who were burdened financially due to medical bills received monetary assistance.
    When the Grant family welcomed their daughter, Stella, into the world at Baptist Hospital, they didn’t know that she would soon have unforeseen medical issues.
    Stella, born with Down syndrome, had stomach problems soon after her birth, and the doctors had to resort to exploratory surgery to help her thrive.
    The doctors were ultimately able to give Stella a diagnosis and cure, but not before she endured a 22-day hospital visit. This stay caused a great deal of financial stress on her parents, Josh and Gina.
    They were overwhelmed, talking about bankruptcy and even considering a second mortgage, when they received a call informing them that their bills had been paid in full by the Mother’s Day Offering.
    Steve Ashley was also blessed to have his medical bills covered with funds from the Mother’s Day Offering after an old high school injury flared up again 25 years after the fact.
    When the medical bills accumulated and became too much, the father of five began to pray for God’s direction.
    The next day, he and his wife received a letter in the mail saying that the Mother’s Day Offering had covered their medical bills in full.
    Thanks to your generous support, families like the Grants and the Ashleys have had financial burdens eased.
    They have seen the providence of God in ways that they never expected, and it is thanks to you for being obedient to God’s call to give.
    This year, once again, I pray that you will join me in being a part of the Mother’s Day Offering. It is a truly wonderful way to be used of God to see His Kingdom come on the earth.
    Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ” – Galatians 6:2.

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