College students – leaders of the next generation
    August 9 2016 by Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC executive director-treasurer

    When I think about how God has called us to make disciples, sometimes I think about the huge number of college students in North Carolina that we need to reach with the gospel. Are you aware that there are 1.2 million students attending a university, college or community college in North Carolina? Some of these young adults will be the individuals whom the Lord will use to impact the next generation here and the nations for His Kingdom.
    Our Collegiate Partnerships Ministry (CPM), under the leadership of Jonathan Yarboro, is working with an ever increasing number of N.C. Baptist churches who are partnering together to reach these students for Christ throughout our state. God has given the leadership of our CPM a vision to see that not one of the 148 college campuses in North Carolina is left without a reproducing gospel presence.
    In January 2014 when our new CPM was launched, our CPM staff began working with Baptist churches and associations to help them develop strategies for impacting lostness in the vast mission field of students attending schools of higher education in this state. Yarboro has reported to me that when school begins this fall we will have ministries established on 43 campuses in North Carolina. In sharing that number with me, Jonathan added, “but we still have 105 to go before the ‘No Campus Left’ vision is realized.” Will your church family begin to see the tremendous mission opportunities available on a campus near your church? Will you help us make sure there is “No Campus Left” in North Carolina without a vibrant gospel presence?
    Currently, there are six consultants in the convention’s CPM. They are hard at work to reach and disciple college students each week, but they are not working alone. Already, many N.C. Baptist churches have networked with CPM and other churches to get students involved in a local church, but we still need more churches to become partners in collegiate ministry. Will you pray that more of our N.C. Baptist churches will see the importance of launching a ministry to students who are not already attending their church?
    Numerous opportunities abound for families in your church to develop relationships with international students who have left their homeland and family in order to attend school in North Carolina. Many would love to develop new friendships with American families. If you provide them with that opportunity, many will come to faith in Christ because of your kindness. You can help them understand that God loves them, Christ died for them and that He has a plan for their life. When they become Christ followers, they will be passionate about taking the gospel back to their family and friends.
    Are you willing to get involved in reaching this next generation with the gospel? This is your opportunity to help reach and disciple more spiritual leaders for the next generation.
    For more information about how you or your church can engage with the CPM for your area, go to or call (800) 395-5102, ext. 5574.

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