Celebrate His Resurrection
    March 22 2010 by Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC Executive Director-Treasurer

    “He is not here: for He is risen...” In those six words, spoken by an angel that first Resurrection Sunday, God confirmed that Jesus was indeed His Son. Jesus, who on Friday had been beaten, spat on, humiliated and crucified like a common criminal, conquered death, hell and the grave because He was fully God and fully man.

    The stone was rolled back! That moment divided human history and changed the world forever. Easter hope still lights our lives today. Just as the stone was rolled back from a tomb that could not hold Jesus, so it will be for us. But there’s a problem — we cannot just rest in that Easter joy because so many have not yet had a chance to accept Him as Savior.

    The sad news is that our North American Mission Board (NAMB) estimates around 258 million people in North America are lost and unchurched, without eternal hope. America’s population is now more than 307 million, challenge enough, but our diverse population includes hundreds of language/culture groups. New York rivals Tel Aviv in the number of Jewish residents and Los Angeles has one of the largest populations of Koreans this side of Seoul. It will take extra commitment to cross such linguistic and cultural barriers with the Good News of Jesus.  

    NAMB hopes to receive $70 million through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering this year, to maintain support for our 5,300 North American missionaries evangelizing and starting new churches. Historically, North Carolina Baptists have led in their generous support of this strategic offering. I pray that trend continues this year.         

    A LifeWay survey showed that 78 percent of Americans would be willing to listen to someone share what they believe about Christianity. A whopping 66 percent of Americans already believe Jesus died and came back to life, even if they have not come to trust Him as Savior.

    Many Americans and Canadians are desperately looking for meaning and purpose in their lives that only Jesus can provide.

    North Carolina has 5.5 million lost people, so some live around you as neighbors, friends and family. Many of these would say “Yes” to Jesus if someone would make an effort to introduce them to Jesus.                           

    NAMB is coordinating Find It Here nationwide through God’s Plan For Sharing (GPS) and our Baptist State Convention joins with other Baptists in supporting this Easter outreach event. This evangelism emphasis has a simple focus: Pray that our non-Christian family, friends and neighbors will be saved, and invite people to church on Easter Sunday, April 4. Pastors, please preach an evangelistic message and then ask people to receive Christ. Next step: baptisms!

    More details at: www.finditherenc.org. Celebrate how God allows His people to help roll the stone back so the meaning of the Easter story can continue!

    “And you, being dead in your sins…hath he quickened (made alive) together with him,
    having forgiven you all trespasses.” Col. 2:13
    3/22/2010 7:45:00 AM by Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC Executive Director-Treasurer | with 0 comments

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