Birthday blessings to a faithful servant: Fred Lunsford
    March 9 2015 by Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC executive director-treasurer

    Those who know Fred Lunsford know that he considers himself just a simple mountain preacher. Yet the faithfulness of this humble servant of God has impacted the lives of many individuals far beyond the mountains that he calls home.
    Earlier this month, many friends and family joined Brother Lunsford in celebration of his 90th birthday. His life and ministry have touched and influenced many North Carolina Baptists, myself included. He is a treasure to many, and we are honored to celebrate this special occasion and wish him a very happy birthday.
    Born and raised deep in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Lunsford’s life is characterized by an unceasing desire to serve the Lord. He gave his life to Christ at a young age and surrendered to a call to preach the gospel after serving in the U.S. Army during World War II. He has been serving the Lord ever since and has not slowed down.
    In addition to pastoring several churches, he faithfully served the Truett Baptist Association as director of missions for 26 years. He is one of the finest associational missionaries to ever serve in this state. In 1987, Fred was recognized by the Home Mission Board (now known as the North American Mission Board) with the Outstanding Missionary Leader Award for rural/urban associations in the eastern part of the United States.
    His love for the Lord, combined with his folksy manner and homespun humor, made him a popular conference leader and evangelist. He is well known for conducting numerous Sunday School revivals, during which he encouraged and equipped pastors and churches to reach and disciple new members.
    Even after he “retired” from the Truett association at age 65, Lunsford returned to local church ministry and pastored up until just a few years ago. Even now at age 90, Fred teaches a Sunday School class and opens his home once a week for pastors and anyone else who wants to seek God’s face in prayer. Fred has personally mentored several men who serve churches in western North Carolina, and he continues to be a “pastor to pastors.”
    In this column, I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface about how God has used Fred Lunsford to touch the lives of countless people. To learn more about his life story, I would encourage you to read Glory in the Mountains: The Sound of Many Waters and Golden Nuggets from the Mountains. In these books, Brother Fred shares more about his life and ministry as a testament to God’s glory and faithfulness.
    He also published a book about mountain preachers titled God’s Messengers from the Mountains.
    Brother Fred’s life is truly an example of someone who has been faithful to his calling. As a result, he has built a strong legacy in North Carolina Baptist life. In doing so, God continues to use this ordinary mountain preacher in extraordinary ways for God’s glory. Happy birthday, Brother Fred!
    A faithful man will abound with blessings …” – Proverbs 28:20a (NKJV)
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