North Carolina Baptists worship in 66 languages each week
    March 8 2017 by Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC executive director-treasurer

    If you’re reading this, chances are, you probably attend a church. Come to think of it, many of you attend a Baptist church. Perhaps you’ve been a church-goer all your life – or maybe attending a weekly church service is a recent development for you. Whatever your circumstance may be, you have the opportunity to attend a place of worship where you can hear the Bible taught in your language. You can learn about the Lord, grow in your relationship with Him and fellowship with other believers who speak your language.
    However, that’s not the whole story. Many people living in North Carolina do not know of a church family that understands the language they speak. There are many unreached and unchurched people in our state – 5.8 million, to be exact. These people live all over North Carolina and come from diverse backgrounds and different language groups. The heartbreaking truth is that many of these people never hear the gospel in a language they understand.
    The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has a strategy to impact lostness through disciple-making. As a large network of Baptist churches, we are working to reach every language group in this state with the gospel. One of the most effective ways to locate, reach and disciple people who are spiritually lost is through the establishment of churches in communities that speak the language of people around them.
    God has brought people from all over the world to live in North Carolina. Our public school system reports that children attending schools in this state come from homes where more than 300 different languages are spoken. Would you agree that everyone deserves to hear the gospel in their own language?
    In fulfillment of our Lord’s Great Commission, this state convention provides consultants to help our member churches and Baptist associations reach and disciple every people group in North Carolina through an Acts 1:8 model. In the past 10 years, North Carolina Baptists reported over 1,100 new church starts and affiliates. This includes an average of 100 churches a year among 66 different language groups. Although we give praise to God and celebrate this achievement, we need to start more churches that speak the language of newer residents in communities around them. This includes starting new churches that could meet in your church building, in homes, schools, storefronts, arenas and restaurants.
    Cooperating and working together will enable us to reach and disciple more North Carolina residents with the gospel. This will also help to reach the nations of the world with the gospel.
    Will you join me in praying for our church planting team and the work that they do? We are woefully low in the number of individuals who commit to give prayer support to our church plants.
    We need you! Will you commit to being a prayer partner as we seek to reach the lost in our state through church planting? We can enable you to become a prayer partner for one or more of these new churches if you will contact the church planting team here at your Baptist State Convention.
    If you would like to learn more about the work of the convention’s church planting team, you may visit

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