The significant influence of a godly mother
    May 2 2017 by Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC executive director-treasurer

    On May 14, we will celebrate what I believe to be a very special day of the year – Mother’s Day. Year after year, Mother’s Day presents us with the opportunity to pay due respect and appreciation to the mothers and mother figures in our lives.
    Our mothers are one of the primary ways through which God shows His love to us. Apart from sharing the important role of being disciple-makers of their children, mothers are uniquely gifted by God to convey a nurturing, caring and unconditional love for their children.
    I am thankful that my mom always made her children know that she loved us. Mom and Dad read the Bible to my two sisters, our brother and me and they prayed with us every day. They taught us the importance of loving Christ and following Him. Mom gave us an example of how to serve others. Many years have passed in the seasons of life for my parents. Dad has been with the Lord now for almost three years and Mom is confined to a health care center near Asheville. Even though her physical health is very limited and her mind is not as clear as it once was, she still has lots of love to share. When my sisters and I visit her, she reminds us how much she loves us and how she prays for us and our own families.
    In my travels across the state, I stop and visit with Mom as often as I can, and she is always interested to know about my trips and the work I do with churches. On occasion, when I must conclude my visit with her and prepare to leave, Mom will kiss me and say, “Son, when you get back from your travels, if I’m not here, you know where I will be.” How blessed followers of Christ are to rest in the peaceful assurance that when our life here is finished, we go to be in the presence of our Savior and reunite with those who preceded us and are now in heaven.
    If you are fortunate enough this Mother’s Day to enjoy some time with your mother, remember to express your gratitude for specific instances in your life when she showed you God’s love or led you closer to Him. Tell your mom how wonderful she is! Assure her that you still love and respect her.
    As you reflect on the significant influence your godly mother has had on your life, also remember to think about the disciple-making role you play in the lives of your own children and grandchildren. May our gratitude for the Christian influence of our mothers spur us on to make disciples of the younger generation of individuals in our own lives. 

    Do not anticipate that the younger generation will have the same kind of positive spiritual influences that we had outside of the home. Just as the Lord equipped our mothers, so He has equipped and called each of us to be disciple-makers and reflect His image before others.
    On this Mother’s Day, make a phone call or pay a visit to a wonderful woman who made a significant impact on your life. Utilize this platinum opportunity to say “thank you.”
    Who can find a virtuous woman? For her worth is far above rubies. Her children rise up and call her blessed” (Proverbs 31:10, 28).

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