Adoption – the gift of a new beginning
    November 16 2016 by Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC executive director-treasurer

    Even though many couples have decided to expand their families through adoption, there are still thousands of children in North Carolina and other countries who need a Christian family to adopt, love and care for them. I began to explore ways to assist in this process following a conversation with a North Carolina Baptist pastor who asked for help in placing more children who are waiting to be adopted by Christian families.
    According to Focus on the Family, there were 2,416 children waiting to be adopted in North Carolina alone in 2014, and there were 107,918 children who were waiting to be adopted across the United States.

    While these statistics are truly heartbreaking, here are statistics that brings me hope: In 2014, there were 17,625 churches in North Carolina alone, and there were 348,067 churches in the whole of the United States.
    This means without a doubt, North Carolina Baptist churches have an abundant number of families that could love and disciple these precious children who will benefit from being nurtured in spiritually healthy families.
    In my search to answer the pastor’s inquiry about what North Carolina Baptists can do, I discovered a wonderful organization that is helping to address this issue. I refer to the Christian Adoption Services (CAS), which has offices in Matthews and Rocky Mount. CAS also works with expectant mothers and encourages them to choose life and consider adoption. CAS has placed more than 2,000 children in Christian homes over the past 37 years, and they also disciple expectant mothers. Last year, eight of these women trusted in Christ as Savior.
    CAS serves for both domestic and international adoption agencies and exists “to build God’s Kingdom by connecting vulnerable children to Christian families.” The new president, Rev. Kevin Qualls, is no stranger to North Carolina Baptists. Kevin’s father, Phil Qualls, is a well-known Southern Baptist pastor in North Carolina.
    After serving Christ in pastoral ministries for 22 years, Kevin sensed that God wanted him to work with CAS. Prior to his leadership with CAS, Kevin served as a staff pastor at both First Baptist Church in Indian Trail and First Baptist Church in Charlotte. He told me that he believes that “adoption and the gospel go hand-in-hand.”
    If you are contemplating adopting a child, consider talking with CAS. Please join me in praying that the Lord will lead more North Carolina Baptist families to the many children in our own state who are waiting to be adopted. The need is great, and our God has already placed many of His faithful followers in a position to bring these children into their families.
    Just as the Father has loved us and adopted us into His eternal family, may we be a part of extending that same love to the children who need to be adopted in North Carolina and other places.
    To learn more about Christian Adoption Services, or if you would like to have Kevin Qualls speak in your church, please visit or call (704) 847-0038.

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