Impacting lostness through disciple-making
    September 23 2014 by Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC executive director-treasurer

    In the past nine months, our convention staff has begun the work of implementing our five-year strategy to impact lostness through disciple-making. The work that has been accomplished is the result of North Carolina Baptists embracing the strategy and partnering together to make a difference.
    For example, many churches have a vision for collegiate ministry and are working with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina in developing campus ministries, like the churches of the South Roanoke and Stanley associations that are planning ministries at community colleges in their respective areas.
    In the mountains, churches are beginning new works at Lees-McRae College, Mayland Community College and at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, among others. The new Campus Church at Western Carolina University reaches more than 600 students and adults each Sunday.
    Students comprise approximately 80 percent of this congregation – they are discipled, and in turn, reach other students with the gospel.
    Convention collegiate partnership staff continues to work with networks of churches that are launching ministries at universities where the Convention has traditionally operated Baptist Campus Ministry. At only nine months into the new strategy, North Carolina Baptists have more than doubled their gospel presence on college campuses across the state – and this is only the beginning!
    North Carolina Baptists have also embraced the newly formed Strategic Focus Team (SFT), which assists churches and associations to impact lostness where the greatest numbers of lost people reside in this state. SFT strategists have immersed themselves in their areas, forming relationships with church and associational leaders while raising awareness of the depths of lostness in their locations. In the Triad population center, several churches have begun reaching an unreached and unengaged people group in that area. Other Convention employees are working with associational leadership in rural areas to develop strategies to impact lostness and strengthen existing churches.
    Part of our strategy emphasizes planting new churches to reach our state’s growing diversity. To that end, our Church Planting and Missions Partnership Group launched an initiative in January to identify unreached people groups living in North Carolina. With the help of churches and associations, they have discovered more than 50 points of engagement in the Charlotte, Triad and Triangle areas that are primed for new ethnic church plants. 
    North Carolina Baptists have also embraced the strategy’s emphasis on discipleship. In 2014, one of the approaches our Evangelism & Discipleship Group is using to strengthen existing churches is by training more than 500 people in The Story. This is a conversational evangelism technique that equips believers to live and share the gospel through the framework of discipleship.
    It is great to see this growing number of North Carolina Baptists embrace the strategy. Your eagerness to partner together, whether in starting collegiate ministries, reaching out to people groups, planting churches, helping identify people groups or learning strategies for evangelism and discipleship, makes a difference.
    As more North Carolina Baptists engage in Kingdom advancement, God will use the churches of this Convention in even greater ways to impact lostness through a disciple-making culture.

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