Hungry beggars Find It Here
April 19 2010 by Norman Jameson, BR Editor

One of the effects of the Find It Here evangelistic emphasis over Easter has been to show us that people will respond to an invitation. Read the story to see testimonies from churches of how people responded when they were invited.

Many churches that took seriously the challenge to be evangelistic this Easter, and who visited in their neighborhoods, and who distributed materials and utilized advertising and prayer walked enjoyed record attendance, saw people come to Christ and baptized new believers in a refreshing wave not seen in their congregations in some time.

If you’ve huddled around “outreach” meetings in your church wondering why people are not walking through your door anymore, guess what. They’re not going to. “Going to church” is no longer a condition for cultural acceptance. People no longer wait until noon on Sunday to mow their grass or slink out to the golf course.

In our society even if a person is feeling a tug of the Holy Spirit to take a spiritual step, there is no guarantee that person will take a step in the direction of a Christian church. While church attendance is down, by all counts spiritual awareness is up. People consider themselves spiritual beings, but they do not see where a church will help them define or clarify that spiritual yearning.

That’s where you can find encouragement from those who took seriously the Find It Here challenge. It wasn’t a “challenge” so much as a process to encourage us to get out of our sanctuaries and into the wild with a simple, positive message: If you’re hungry for spiritual fulfillment; if you are looking for a relationship that matters, you can find it here.

This year’s emphasis emphasized evangelistic outreach. Next year the emphasis will be on discipleship and the following year on missions mobilization. But read the testimonies with an open heart and realize the principle of mobilizing your people to invite others to a relationship to Jesus is not a calendar emphasis. See how those who were thrilled by the response are saying such an outreach effort will become a part of their ongoing emphasis.

We simply must get back to engaging friends, family and neighbors where we live, work and play with the gospel. No amount of tinkering with Convention structure will make a bit of difference in the world unless we humble ourselves as beggars and tell other hungry beggars looking for bread that they can Find It Here.
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