Do You Need Plastic Surgery?
August 23 2010 by D.E. Parkerson

A man said to his friend, “I recently had to have some plastic surgery. I had taken on too much debt, so I took a pair of scissors and cut up my credit cards.”

He is not the only person who needs that kind of plastic surgery. I might add that our country could also profit from some plastic surgery. No one, and no nation, can continue indefinitely to spend more than is taken in without facing severe consequences. Why is this true? When your outgo exceeds your income your upkeep will sooner or later lead to your downfall.

We live in what has become a credit card society. We are assaulted constantly via radio, television and through publications by ads that encourage us to become addicted to having an endless number of material possessions. As a result, things that would have been luxuries a generation ago are regarded as necessities today.

Romans 13:8 says, “Owe no man anything.” This does not mean that we should never borrow anything. It simply means that you will not owe what you have borrowed until it is due. When it is due, you must pay in full. If not, you are in debt and owe.

Debt has the power to keep you from providing for your family. In describing the duty of every Christian, the apostle Paul said, “Anyone who does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever:” (1 Tim. 5:8). Family debt can lead to wife and child abuse.

Debt in and of itself is not a sin, but it is dangerous. People go to jail every day because of unpaid debt. It might not be a literal jail, but it is a penitentiary where their fears, regrets, and depression over unpaid bills have the power to incarcerate them in an emotional prison every bit as real as one with bars.

Excessive debt is generally the result of greed. The culture in which we live places an enormous amount of pressure upon us to keep up with our neighbors. This causes us to constantly want more and more. Greed is never satisfied.

Do you need plastic surgery? If so, ask yourself these questions:
  • Do I really need this? God promises to meet the things we need, but He has never promised to meet what we want as a result of our greed.
  • Does my mate agree with me concerning going into debt? More family arguments take place over money and debt than almost anything else.
  • Will I have peace of mind as a result of taking on this debt? Owing more than you can reasonably pay has the power to put you under extreme pressure. No one can function effectively under those conditions.
  • How am I going to pay this back? If there is no legitimate way you can know that a debt you have taken on can be paid back, it should never be assumed in the first place. Foolish rationalizations at this point can get you into deep trouble.
  • What can I achieve by taking on this debt that cannot be achieved in any other way? The Bible says that we are stewards of everything we have. Stewards do not waste God’s resources. We only oversee them, and are to use them in a way that glorifies Him and blesses mankind.
(EDITOR’S NOTE — Parkerson is a native of Georgia, a graduate of Mercer University [B.A.], Southeastern Seminary [M. Div. and Th.M.], and Campbell University [D.D.]. He has served as pastor of one church in Georgia and five churches in North Carolina. Following retirement as pastor of the First Baptist Church in Sanford on Sept. 30, 1996, he has served nine North Carolina churches as interim pastor. His column, The Paper Pulpit, has appeared weekly in a few newspapers and other publications since 1958. He and his wife, Jessie, live in Wilmington near their daughter and family.)  
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