April 2014

Gardner-Webb leader’s wording in question

April 22 2014 by David Roberts, Lenoir, N.C.

As an academe myself, I respect and appreciate the desire to understand and analyze research and differing viewpoints in the academy. Dialogue is good as long as it comes under the scrutiny of the truth of God’s Word, otherwise, one is merely “always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of truth.”
If there is a red-flag to be waved, it would be regarding Dr. Bonner’s words that are not as exact and precise as many of us would prefer. What does it mean that Gardner-Webb “is a place where all are welcomed, supported and encouraged under the Lordship of Christ?” All who/what?
What does “welcomed” mean? What does “supported and encouraged” mean? Is it that we should just be nice to each other and affirm our humanity, or is more implied? Does “under the Lordship of Christ” mean that we’re to relate to each other in a Christian way, or that one can live however he/she wants and be considered a Christian? 
If some are not as welcoming, supportive and encouraging as Gardner-Webb (whatever that means), are they the haters, bigots and harassers alluded to? I’m asking for clarification. Words mean things and can conceal or reveal.
In this case, how are they being used? Such an uncertain sound will cause many to continue to question whether Gardner-Webb is standing on the Solid Rock or mired in shifting sand.

David Roberts, pastor
Clarks Chapel Baptist Church, Lenoir

Liberty University adjunct professor of religion
(EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter to the editor was written in response to a previous dialogue between Frank Bonner, president of Gardner-Webb University, and M. Doyle Holder, pastor of Philadelphia Baptist Church in Connelly Springs.)

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